Norman Rosenblum’s Photo Contest Entry

Norman Rosenblum

I live in a very populated area. Nevertheless I find great places to ride. Here is my unheralded and sometimes maligned Bridgestone X0-4 which on this day I am using to slip and slide through the woods on my way to a rail-trail and a new parkland mountain (for New Jersey) riding place that is being fashioned out of land surrounding abandoned evil county hospital buildings. I’ve had the bike about 15 years and it was for a long time my only bike. Now I use it on trails, forays into NYC, errands and whenever else I feel like it. I wanted it to be in the picture because I have a Sam on order and maybe I’m feeling a little guilty. I’m not like the Dutch whose relationship to bikes is strictly utilitarian. I ride because it puts me in a different consciousness that makes me happy.

Norman Rosenblum

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4 Responses to “Norman Rosenblum’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • hector says:

    Nice photo and love the trails along the woods. Great!

  • Michael Nartker says:

    I agree, it is refreshing to escape to a little pocket of forest from time to time when the “ONE MORE CAR” crowd becomes a little overwhelming on the streets.

  • Gary says:

    Can I ask what kind of handlebars those are? They look just right for a commuter.

  • Norman says:

    I think they are HSIN Lung Priest Bar, made of aluminum.

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