Darren Braun’s Photo Contest Entry

Darren Braun

I ride for awareness. To give an otherwise doubtful person the confidence to do the same. For traveling to a friends house, for shopping, for chores, for everything. It gives me connection to my environment, community, and has been used as a vehicle of change. Dallas is a city without a single bike lane, with people riding daily and ridership up 219% the city has now planned and dedicated close to 1500 miles of lanes to be made in 10 years.

Darren Braun

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3 Responses to “Darren Braun’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • John Philip says:

    Everything about this shot is fantastic!

  • Madness says:

    Not one lane! Wow. Thank you for being part of that movement. The photo is great, and I love your bike.

  • Darren Braun says:

    Thanks so much, its nice to know that such a conservative city is making some pretty radical moves. It has take quite a while to make the build up on the bike, but its getting there…. one piece at a time.

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