Andy Moss’ Photo Contest Entry

Andrew Moss

Here is why I ride: I ride for perfect Fall days such as this, for the opportunity to spend a few hours listening to nothing but the air and the sound of my tires on the crushed leaves on the trail, and for the freedom to observe my surroundings. This photo is on the Salt Creek Trail just west of Chicago.

Andy Moss

[Entry #133]

2 Responses to “Andy Moss’ Photo Contest Entry”

  • Josh Lipton says:

    I always wish that for cycling photography in general there were more photos of bikes being ridden rather than parked. However, with the solitary nature of cycling, this is an inevitability for. Some shots, like this one, seem to work without a rider though. In fact, it seems that a rider would mess up the simple brilliance of this shot.

  • RDW says:


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