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Danette Rivera

When I was eight, I found forty dollars crumpled in the street. I immediately bought a silver spray-painted one speed with a banana seat. It was my prize. When I was ten, I sold colorful soap in a parking lot to make money because I wanted my mom to have a bike too. I thought, She can’t live without a bike. I saved enough for a magnificent metallic red Schwinn with drop handlebars that glowed in the shop window. I couldn’t imagine anyone not dying over this bike, but my mother never rode it; she was puzzled by my enthusiasm. So every month, I tried to reach the pedals of the red beauty until one night I could press them forward, top tube be damned. I rocketed down the street, flushed, screaming in my throat, lightheaded near the curb.
I ride because that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.


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33 Responses to “Danette Rivera’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • Allison says:

    Awesome story. Sounds a lot like my childhood and my mother was the exact same way. Still is…..

  • Don says:


  • Andy says:

    Best blurb yet. The last line says it all! Nice.

  • Alan says:

    Lovely story, Danette. I have a similar story….

    I grew up spin fishing for trout on small creeks in the Sierra, and I was always awestruck by the fly fishermen we ran into on the trail. Somehow, what they were doing always seemed mysterious and infinitely better than what we were doing. I badly wanted to crack the code, but fly fishing was far too exotic and expensive for a young boy to pursue. One year, I convinced my Mom to buy my Dad a fly rod and reel for Christmas, with the hope it would spark his interest and trickle down to me. Unfortunately he never used that rod, and I’m pretty sure it still hangs in his shed, nearly 40 years later. I can’t complain because we continued to fish in our old way, and my Dad’s love of the outdoors was a tremendous gift that helped shape who I am.

    The perhaps not totally unexpected outcome of the story is that I eventually pursued fly fishing as an adult and ended up working in the fly fishing industry for 10 years as a shop manager, guide, travel host, and teacher.


  • Shawn says:

    THAT says it all. Perfect.

  • John says:

    Bravo, Danette! Great story and picture.

  • Manny says:

    What a great story and photo!

  • Madness says:

    Love the fly fishing story. And thanks for the kinds words, my friends in biking.

  • Stephen D. says:

    Wow…all I can say…wow…(reaching for the kleenex)

  • Doug says:

    The picture perfectly illustrates the words you used.

  • Molly Chester says:

    LOVE this picture. LOVE this story. Both are so colorful and full of life! Love Danette’s passion…

  • john C says:

    I’m going to punch something I LOVE IT

  • Lyn says:

    Beautiful! Love the passion!!!!

  • Sienna says:

    OH MY GOD! This made me CRY! So beautiful. So proud to call you friend, especially after all these years.

  • Liliana says:

    Loved it!

    Keep riding Dannette!

  • Nicole says:

    Danette is da bomb with everything she does! She’s hardcore and you know she’s enjoying the ride.

  • drew says:

    Love it! That’s our Danette!

  • Emily says:

    Danette! This is so wonderful. I love it! Congrats on some amazing work!

  • andrea says:

    in love with the photo, in love with the story. way to rock it, danette.

  • julia says:

    good luck Dannette!

  • Alison Creech says:

    Love it..Good luck Danette!

  • Leighann says:

    Fabuloso!!! Fabulosa? Either one, you nailed it!

  • Naz says:

    The last line gave me happy chills! :)

  • Terri says:

    Good Luck, Danette! Hope you win!

  • Lauri says:

    fabulous, story.

  • Jane says:


  • Jane says:

    You put in words exactly how I feel when I ride my bike. Love it!

  • Topaz =) says:

    I LOVE IT!! You are such an AWESOME person with such a BEAUTIFUL heart…Simply Gorgeous Inside and Out!! You definitely got my vote…Muah

  • doug brown says:

    I love it. A kid that learned the lesson of what it takes to have something nice. Way to hustle

    Great Job Danette

  • Sergio Garza says:

    Cool picture…..and great story!!!!

  • Paul says:

    Great Story!!!

  • Ling says:

    cute pix and lovely story. love it….. you go girl !!!!

  • ena vie says:

    great story…i love the picture too!

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