Brent Bigler’s Photo Contest Entry

Brent Bigler


[Entry #125]

4 Responses to “Brent Bigler’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • RDW says:

    Beautiful picture, sounds like a great trip.

  • Ralph Aichinger says:

    Did you do your tour in a Bullit? How does long distance riding work on this cargo bike for you? Did you rent the bike somewhere?

  • Madness says:

    Gorgeous photo.

  • Brent says:


    I bought the Bullitt at the Larry vs. Harry shop in Copenhagen, rode it to Amsterdam, and then brought it back to L.A. with me. Long distance touring is fine: my longest day was about 100 miles, and I think I averaged about 60-65 miles daily. I can’t compare it to other modes of bicycle touring, however, as I don’t have much experience on bikes with panniers or trailers. However, I expect that it differs in two important ways: it weighs over 50 pounds unloaded, and its handling characteristics take some adjustment. (Hans, at L vs. H, gave me good advice: avoid staring at the front wheel.) Those two “negatives” are about the only potential issues I could point out, for I otherwise thought the bike was lots of fun. I loved having the flexibility to use whatever bag I wanted, and to have no effective weight or space limit. I think the bike will carry up to 400 pounds, including rider, and you can stack it tall with whatever you want. The handling was stable with a load, though I don’t know about speeds above 25 mph; most of my riding was at a rather, uh, stately pace.

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