Scott Bode’s Photo Contest Entry

Why I Ride
Deer, foxes, beavers, and mink, along the river path that is part of my commute.
I live within riding distance of most places I need to go.
Seeing the sun and moon rise and set.
Knowing that a traffic jam on the freeway will not make me late.
Making friends with the cyclists and pedestrians I see everyday.
Taking the bike lane to the front of the line at the stoplight.
Not caring what the price of gas is.
A bike rack inside my building next to the conference room.
The look on peoples faces when they realize that I rode to work in the cold and/or rain.
Riding home gives me a chance to wind down from work.
Most car trips carry only one person.
I feel connected to the world rather than insulated from it.
I like it. It makes me feel good.

Scott Bode

[Entry #93]

2 Responses to “Scott Bode’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • Joseph E says:

    Scott, what sort of handlebars are those? Did you have to change to a “rapid-fire” Alfine shifter to use them? I’d like to change my Breezer’s handlebars to something with more rise and sweep.

    I like the leather saddle; didn’t realize you could use those with the original suspension seatpost on the Breezer Uptown.

  • Scott says:


    The handlebars are Velo Orange tourist bars and the saddle is a VO model 5. I changed out the bar for exactly the same reason that you want to change yours. I’ve included links to both of them below. I changed to the Alfine rapid-fire shifter because I wanted different grips. The saddle works fine with the seatpost, although I don’t really like the seatpost. It will probably be the next thing that I will change. I wore out the original chainwheel and I ended up replacing the whole crankset because the chainwheel was riveted on and non replaceable. I also replaced the chainguard (which didn’t work with the new crankset) with a Hebie Chainglider. This works really well too. It covers the entire chain and keeps most of the crud out.


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