Kay Rigg’s Photo Contest Entry

I ride this bike trail almost every day. I revel in the beauty of the trail the seasonal cycle of wildlife and the rhythms of the ocean just a stones throw away.


[Entry #83]

3 Responses to “Kay Rigg’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • Eddie says:

    I may be wrong but this sure looks like the Monterey Bay Rec Trail at the Fort Ord overpass. Your reasons for riding, regardless of the location, is also why I ride.

  • Cullen Carter says:

    I’m curious about the trail too. What trail is this?

  • Kay Rigg says:

    Cullen – Eddie got the location in one! The trail separates into two parallel trails at Marina. The branch closest to Highway 1 is the one in my photo. The other branch goes through the new Ft. Ord State park complete with bay bluff overlook, beach access and a whole new set of hills and obstacles to overcome. All made easier with the addition of picnic tables and chemical toilet. The two branches rejoin at Sand City just 2 miles North of Monterey. You can follow both branches in Google’s new Bike Trail mapping feature. It is shown in Streetview.

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