James Kirby’s Photo Contest Entry

Why do I ride? It’s faster than walking and far more enjoyable than being in a car.

James Kirby

[Entry #78]

2 Responses to “James Kirby’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • brad says:

    And in Big Bend, you probably have a much lower risk of hitting a javelina if you’re on a bike than if you were driving a car! ;-)

  • bongobike says:

    LOL! I almost hit a bunch of javelinas once while driving down one of the main park roads. A whole line of them just started crossing the road in front of our car. They have very poor eyesight.

    I love this picture. I have been to Big Bend many times, but have never cycled there. I am really itching to do it this year, maybe during Thanksgiving break.

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