Thom Bahde’s Photo Contest Entry

Because laying in a field on a sunny Sunday with your car would be weird.

Thom Bahde

[Entry #64]

8 Responses to “Thom Bahde’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • Aaron says:

    Very well said, Thom!

  • kaniska new england says:

    (: .. i always feel like i’m offending my bike when i lay it sideways on a field

  • Aaron says:

    Ha! Funny. What kind of bike you riding there?

  • Madness says:


  • RDW says:

    Love it!

  • Thom says:

    Aaron, that’s a 1955 Huffy Sportsman, made by Raleigh at their Nottingham works. It’s basically a Raleigh Sports model, but branded for Huffy. Restored from very bad condition. Until recently it was my daily rider, but it needs some hub work at the moment.

  • Donald Bybee says:

    You gave me my morning chuckle.
    Sacramento, California

  • Dan W says:

    Fantastic quote mate, nailed the relationship I have with my bike in 1 sentence.

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