Patrick Zyduck’s Photo Contest Entry

Why I ride.

I ride, because it is one of the few things that can make me feel like a child again. I ride, because it instills a sense of freedom that I have not ever felt before. I ride, because in some small way, by doing so, I feel like I am helping to keep the environment clean. I ride, because I am fat and need the exercise. I ride because I feel guilty when I don’t.

Patrick L. Zyduck

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5 Responses to “Patrick Zyduck’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • Doug Brown says:

    I have never ridden in the snow. Now you have me thinking I need to try it. Great Pic!

  • Supp Suppinger says:

    I rode to school for 12 years each day, even in the worst snow – well, in those days it used to be the “best” snow, when there was a lot of snow. It was slower, but I loved it!
    Patrick, You are doing it right! I fully agree with You! Regularly cycling will shurely help You to loose weight and will make You healthier! Great!
    For snow cycling check out some snow bike, for example the “Surly Pugsley”!
    Wishing You all the best, Supp.

  • Josh Lipton says:

    I actually look forward to the clear, bright days of winter cycling. Once I began using the combination of studded snow tires and fenders, all my previous reasons for not riding in snowy, wet, icy conditions melted away.

  • Leo says:

    I second the last two reasons.

  • bongobike says:

    I second the first one, it definitely makes you feel like a child again. I had one of those perfect rides last Saturday–what a joy! :)

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