Robert Prinz’ Photo Contest Entry

Why I Ride: For every up there is a down (and another up again).

This picture was taken on the popular “Three Bears” route near Orinda, CA, during those short few weeks in spring when the hills are still green. It was one of the first longer, outside-my-known-territory rides that I took several years ago and started a chain reaction leading to increasingly longer and more off the beaten path routes. As such my bicycle has inadvertently led me to areas and destinations that I would never have bothered to venture towards otherwise, and has vastly broadened my concept of where my own two legs can take me.

Robert Prinz

[Entry #57]

One Response to “Robert Prinz’ Photo Contest Entry”

  • Cullen Carter says:

    This photograph makes my legs twitch in a pedaling motion. Man, I wish I were there!

    Good job.

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