Andy Estridge’s Photo Contest Entry

I took this picture of my Raleigh International on our last Sacramento Tweed Ride. How could i resist submitting a picture from a tweed ride? The ride embodies so much of what i love about cycling, a bit of camaraderie, a fair amount of showing off, being outside, and most of all.. having a jolly good time!

Andy Estridge

[Entry #47]

4 Responses to “Andy Estridge’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • Zweiradler says:

    Two kinds of eco-friendly traffic in one photo, great!

  • Rachel says:

    J’Adore the bike luggage in this picture!

  • Molnar says:

    Never mind the bikes and the train – check out the fig-balsamic ice cream.

  • Andy E says:

    thanks for the comments! The luggage is Ostrich, via Velo-Orange. Hope to get the matching panniers at some future date.

    and check out the ice cream! if your in sacramento: midtown, east sac.. i’ll bring it to you on that very bike! :)


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