Tucker Teague’s Photo Contest Entry

In the half light dawn
two wheels carry all this:
The dreams of a life,
the body and the heart,
the fire,
the flame.

Early morning sojourn
traveling light,
moving in balance,
so swiftly tilting
the corners,
the frame.

The river running slow
beneath a darkened bridge,
with sunrise streaking,
I stop to see
the water,
the game.

My path continues east,
then westward back
when day end comes,
and home calls out to me,
my soul,
my name.

: : Tucker Teague, Eugene, OR

[Entry #39]

7 Responses to “Tucker Teague’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • Pamela says:

    Most eloquent “why I ride” so far. And lovely photo too!!

  • Doug Brown says:

    I agree, most eloquent. Very very nicely done.

  • Tucker says:

    thanks for your kind comments

  • donald stewart says:

    I like the photo I love the poem. It has both the particular and the universal, the sensual and the intellectual.

    May I suggest an’s’ on the word ‘day” “when day end comes” to avoid the awkwardness of the double vowel “ay” ‘eh’ “day end” which almost forces a glottal stroke to separate the two, something we english speakers find much more demanding than the soft fricative of the “s’ when day’s end comes. Not necessary for sure but perhaps more comfortable for the end of the day. It also happens to match the ‘s’ on calls in the next line in its position in the line creating a nice alliterative effect.

    Anyway, a delightful piece and a perfect pairing of verse and visual. Thank you for this gift of “making the effort” and sharing it though this medium with so many of us all over time and space.

  • Tucker says:


    Thanks for your comments. While writing the poem I tried several versions of that line, including with “day’s end” which I rejected because I just didn’t like it. I eventually settled on “day end” because I liked it best, though your insights might be correct. Who knows, I may change it in the future.

  • donald stewart says:

    Thanks for responding Tucker.

    Sometimes all the logic in the world cannot trump intuition. “I just didn’t like it” is good enough for me. It was a thought nothing more. I love the poem and now have it on the wall in my room in its current iteration with the picture. Also like the idea that because something is ‘published’ it is not necessarily the final or only version.

    I so love that people are writing poetry and discussing it and sharing their photos.

    thanks again


  • bella says:

    love the poem and image – the composition of the image is classic – love the way you have the bike lead the eye across the bridge, then up the rivers edge and then down the river back to the bike – very cool…

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