Scott Wayland’s Photo Contest Entry

Here’s a picture from a ten day tour through the eastern Sierras I did this summer. I ride for a host of reasons, but it’s hard to beat the feeling this photo evokes for me: Human powered rolling freedom with all I need with me, big views, clean air, feeling like the bike doesn’t even exist and all that is, is movement, air, and light. I love my commutes and day rides, but the adventure of self-supported long distance touring is one of the great joys of my life.

[Entry #40]

4 Responses to “Scott Wayland’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • Chris J. from DE says:

    Hey, what kind of ‘bent is that — a Haluzak?

  • bongobike says:

    That is a great picture, Scott. As you said, it’s hard to beat the feeling that photo evokes. It’s now my desktop background.

  • Scott says:

    Chris: Yo’, it’s a Zak. I fell in love with this design years ago. This is the third and last one! I’m keeping it. I’ve altered it somewhat. I had the brake bosses removed and disc brake mounts installed, so now she’s full Avid BB7 disc. The ergonomics can’t be beat. I sold off my long wheel base recumbent (a Lightfoot), so I’m down to this Haluzak and a Catrike Expedition. I’ve got a converted mtb for my regular commute, and a RANS Alterra crank forward Mtb for some dirt road and dog workouts. I think my stable is stable for a while.

    Bongobike: I’m honored!


  • Chris J. from DE says:

    Scott: Thanks for the info. My workhose is a Haluzak Hybrid Race and I fell in love with this design, also. I just took it to my local bike shop today to have the rear brake redone. Going to disc is a great idea! I’ll have to save up for that in the future.

    Happy Miles!

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