Cecily Walker’s Photo Contest Entry

I live in a city where Fall is fleeting. In the past, when I used to drive or take transit, I’d miss the changes of the seasons; I’d look up and see naked trees, or look down at my feet and see dead brown leaves ground into a mucky paste by tires at the curbside. I’d find myself wondering when the seasons changed, and asking myself how I missed our all too brief fall again this year.

This is the first year I’ve tried to commute by bike year round, and I’ve experienced every single fleeting minute of our fall, and I’m a richer, happier person because my bike forces me to slow down, to appreciate, fully inhabit, and embrace my surroundings.

Cecily Walker

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15 Responses to “Cecily Walker’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • Ari Hornick says:

    I like this picture. It’s the first of this contest that motivates me to comment. I like the image and the comment. Good job capturing the feeling of the comment in the image.

  • John says:

    I like the light and the contrasting textures of the leaves and bicycle tire.

  • Dorothea says:

    Lovely image, and I share the sentiment. I was a walker long before I dared get on a bike (after twenty-five years!), so my experience is similar but different — I do see more of the seasons on the bike, but that’s because I’m out more because I can go so many more useful, fun, and interesting places on the bike!

    Cecily, by the way, was a major reason I took the plunge and bought myself a bike. Thanks, Cecily!

  • Michelle says:

    I love this so much, it is just a quintessential fall image. I can hear the leaves crunching beneath the wheel. Those are the sounds you miss when you’re surrounded by the steel cage of a vehicle. In fact I imagine there are all sorts of aural candy that bike commuters get to enjoy that the rest of us miss.

  • Harvey says:

    I just love this photo. I look forward to fall every year, but here in Dallas, the leaves haven’t started changing yet. The light, colors, and composition in this photo make me wish it was a month or so from now.

    And yes, I blame Cecily for the fact that I own a bike now.

  • Amber says:

    I forgot that I was inside sitting in a chair for a minute there.

  • Bruce Lewis says:

    My reasons for liking this photo are the same as what others have already said.

  • Cheryl says:

    This image makes me immediately homesick for a true Autumn. Gorgeous work.

  • Dustin Senos says:

    Aside from the contrast and colours, what I love most about this photo is the reminder that a bike tire sitting on a pile of leaves represents a healthy, eco-friendly mode of transportation.

  • Lainie says:

    Lovely! Makes me want to do the same.

  • amanda says:

    stunning image and a lovely sentiment! makes me think about all i’ve been missing.

  • unja says:

    Pure autumnal loveliness!

  • Ling says:

    your article and the pix said it all. love it…. bravo !!!!

  • Ling says:

    your feeling and this pix said it all. love it…. bravo !!!!

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