Will Millhiser’s Photo Contest Entry

I ride for exploration and freedom. I ride because of the elegance/form of the bicycle. I ride for functional transportation and for the environment. Of all my bikes, my 1973 Schwinn Speedster with a basket, generator lighting, and 3-speed internally-geared hub remains my favorite. All-original after 37 years, except tires.

Will Millhiser

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14 Responses to “Will Millhiser’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • Tucker says:

    Gorgeous picture!

  • Billi says:

    Sweet. I have a big place in my heart for bicycles built before the mountain bike era.
    Schwinns really were America’s bike, built tough, priced right, available everywhere, with models suited for everyone. They had style and grace without looking either delicate or crude.
    It’s great to see one that has been kept up and continues to be used as intended.

  • Aaron says:

    Fantastic image. Well done! I love my old Schwinns too. Mine should be popping up on here any day now. Cheers!

  • MCS says:

    Love the geometry! Nice commuter bike with basket and lock.

  • Bob B says:

    Great pic. I also love old Schwinns and have three: a black 64 Collegiate 5-spd (22.5″), a yellow 72 Collegiate 5-spd (24″) and a brown 72 Varsity (25″).

  • Andrew Yi says:

    The warm feeling from the light bouncing off the water as it’s diffused through the use of focus and strong geometric shapes are awesome! And I just love that Schwinn!!!

  • Carolina says:

    Beautiful picture!!!

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  • Olga Lucia Mutis says:

    The hardness of the steel against the soft light. Loved the contrast.

  • BethG says:

    Beautiful! Brings back memories of the Schwinn I rode in the 70s. It’s wonderful that you still ride the bike and have kept it in excellent condition.

  • ASEsteves says:

    Absolutely lovely!

  • Andrés Quintero says:

    Love it!!!!

  • adryana says:

    Geometrical figures all together build up a magnificent composition that blows out from the screen thanks to the beauty of nature.

  • Paula says:

    Inspires me to get a bike and have a ride! Perfect timing for taking the picture, love the sunsent in the back and light effects of it on the bike.

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