Patrick McKay’s Photo Contest Entry

Every year our family vacations in the Outer Banks. With cargo space at a premium, the Dahon folder really fits the bill. And the bike can easily be adjusted so that everyone in the family can ride it. This is a shot that was taken with my cell phone just as the sun was beginning to rise over the Atlantic Ocean.

—Patrick McKay

[Entry #18]

4 Responses to “Patrick McKay’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • Madness says:


  • CedarWood says:

    Love how the line of water in the bottle mimics the horizon.

  • Margy Hope says:

    Great composition, and I like those rings in the sand, echoing the bike’s wheel shapes. The water bottle with the orange cap, adds just the right spark of color to lend interest.

  • Rob McKay says:

    I like how the bike seems to be materializing out of the sun beams.

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