Aaron Erkenswick’s Photo Contest Entry

Chicago, IL to Sevierville, TN, 715 miles, 9 days, 2 brothers, and my own wedding at the finish line. While the future is unknown, who can resist the road in front of us.

[Entry #19]

10 Responses to “Aaron Erkenswick’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • Jason says:


  • Opus the Poet says:

    Is the background smoke or fog? That sure looks like a risky place to park a bike… But it did make for a nice picture.

  • Billi says:

    Awesome picture, Guessing your bride was OK with this bike to wedding trip? Lucky man.

  • Garth Madison says:

    Hard to appreciate the beauty of the picture when all I can think is that he should be expecting a car to come out of that fog bank and obliterate him at any second. And I can’t imagine he could get that heavily loaded a bike moving or turned very quickly.

    Don’t ask me what my caption ideas would be if this was one of those parody motivational posters. I just hope he didn’t show this picture to his future wife!


  • Paul says:

    Wow – The best pic by far – so far!

  • Kevin says:

    Finest metaphor I’ve seen all morning. Well done.

  • Donald Bybee says:

    I like your photo and story Aaron. Good luck in life and keep touring.
    Sacramento, Ca.

  • Supp Suppinger says:

    please, what frant rack is it? i like the low rider plus platform option! thanks

  • Aaron Erkenswick says:

    Thanks to all that liked the photo. It was an amazing foggy morning in rural Kentucky. The road into the fog was a couple hours of up and down rolls. Normally in hot August this would have been a tiring morning, but on this cool misty day, it was very refreshing.

    Supp, both racks are made by Jandd. The front rack is the ‘Extreme Front Rack.’ I do like it, although on my LHT, it restricts turning because the rack hits the down tube cable stops (the gear ones). When you’re actually riding, you never turn the bars to that degree, but when off the bike and wheeling it around, it’s kind of annoying. So if you’re a Long Haul Trucker owner, opt for something else.

  • Katrien W says:

    Aaron, you’ve always been an interesting individual- what an incredible idea- and best wishes to you and your wife!

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