2011 Civia Catalog

Civia’s 2011 catalog is now available online.

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5 Responses to “2011 Civia Catalog”

  • Chris Morfas says:

    [wipes drool from chin]

  • David says:

    I’m confused. The Kingfield is described as being derived from the Bryant but with linear pull brakes. However, it’s shown in the marquis photo as having discs and in the second photo with no brakes at all, just naked cantilever studs. Other than the linear pull brakes, is there really anything that distinguishes the Kingfield from the Bryant?

  • BikeBike says:

    We are very very excited to have the Halsted Cycletruck in our lineup for 2011! There is a really good chance that one of them will end up between my legs as my new daily driver – can’t wait!

    Great job Civia people!

  • Mike says:

    I think the Kingfield shown in the catalog is an early image that has since changed. Interbike pictures appeared to have no disc brake mounts, and the image is the same one that was in the catalog that was accidentally posted a few months ago. Looking closely, it looks like some small details that might add to the frame cost have been removed, such as the down tube cable “lug” on the head tube. Note sure what else.

    The Kingfield should give the Salsa Casseroll a run for its money, but I’m saving for a Bryant!

  • Fergie348 says:

    @David, it seems like the only significant differences between the Bryant and the Prospect/Kingfield are the brakes and the rear dropouts. The Bryant has the cool replaceable drops that allow you to run it fixed/IGH or with a traditional geared drivetrain. The Prospect has the steel derailleur hanger and is drilled for road brakes and the Kingfield has the Bryant dropouts and canti bosses instead of disc mounts.

    On another detail note, I got a message from Rob at Civia that they’ll be removing the top tube cable stops from the Bryant in the next production batch since anyone who wants cantilever brakes can get the Kingfield.

    Is is just me or does it seem that the bars for the Civia drop bar bikes are all too high. I know, some people like them that way but for me it just looks goofy to have the bars that far above the seat.

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