Aaron Collins’ Photo Contest Entry

I took this last weekend while participating in a 114k populaire, which was both the longest and the most challenging riding I’ve done yet. Lots and lots of climbing on dirt roads through the hills all morning, and then I was greeted with this wonderful view of Mount Mansfield in Jeffersonville, VT.

—Aaron Collins

[Entry #10]

6 Responses to “Aaron Collins’ Photo Contest Entry”

  • RDW says:

    I love that picture.

  • RJ says:

    What AMAZING image quality!

    It absolutely GLOWS!

  • Kevin says:

    Your composition is perfect. What an elegant photo.

  • Willis says:


    You got some work cut out for you on this contest man. Photo’s like these make you (or whomever is judging this contest) really have to work hard to pick winners. The distinction between pictures and photography can be summed up in images like this where it’s simply on another level. Tip of my hat to the photographer (having Mt Mansfield as your subject matter or the Vermont countryside dosen’t hurt either) for capturing this image….very striking.

  • WPM says:

    This image is a nice example of how the word “photography” is derived from “drawing with light.” :-)

  • Aaron says:

    Thanks for the very kind comments!

    I agree that it will be a tough decision this year. There’s some really excellent entries already, and it’s still early so I’m sure there will be lots more. The woman riding in front of me in this picture (who’s holding a camera, that’s the strap hanging off to the right) is a fantastic photographer with a lot of great riding pictures as well. I’m sure we’ll see a great entry from her soon (I hope!).

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