Jon Grinder’s Photo Contest Entry

I always hated Winter, with a vengeance, until I started commuting on a daily basis. For some reason, being out in the weather on a bike is a lot nicer than being out in a car, freezing between car and door, door and car.

This picture was taken in the middle of a 100 mile January ride, here in Denver, and it just makes me smile every time I look at it. The 1992 XO-2 is the perfect bike for rides like this, and I feel privileged to get to indulge, year-round.

—Jon Grinder

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9 Responses to “Jon Grinder’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • Andrew says:

    Hey Alan, Could you ask Jon what he has for handlebars setup? I’ve seen them a few times and I feel like the bridge the gap between the comfort of double curves and the aggressive drop bars.

  • DerrickP says:

    Alan… I love these photo contests. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  • Billi says:

    I think last year was the first time I really enjoyed winter, commuting on my bike. My coldest morning was 26F. That’s pretty cold for for a Southern Boy. Not sure I could hack a 100miles in that weather, but the XO-2 rocks. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin. I do love being out in the weather, it really keeps me connected with my world.

  • John Boyer says:

    You can just feel this period of bike building that led to the road of Riv

  • peteathome says:

    Jon – can you tell us what tires you are using for riding in (what looks like) shallow snow?

  • RJ says:

    Oh, I love how his bike is white, too! Makes it look like a husky or another animal that belongs in the landscape.

  • Jon Grinder says:

    Hi, everyone. Thanks for the comments.

    The handlebars are first-generation Origin8 Gary bars. They are much shallower than the current version, more like an On-One Midge, but with a longer grip area at the bottom. I love them, and I’m trying to find a couple more pairs for other bikes.

    The tires are Schwalbe XC Pro 26 (26×1.35 cross tires. They work great in snowy conditions. I think that may be because they are narrow enough to cut down into the snow, where the knobs get some purchase, rather than floating on top like a 2,25 tire might.

    Here are links to some of my blog posts about the bike, and equipment, if you are interested:

  • Doug Brown says:

    Thank you so much, It makes me want to go out right now. (which I am , but no snow yet).

  • meligrosa says:

    I loveeeeee Jon’s Denver blog =)
    this snow photo is rad. Something I dont experience much here in SF at all
    +he loves coffee too. win win situation.

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