Folding Bikes in the WSJ

According to that arbiter of hipness, the Wall Street Journal, folding bikes are now “cool”… :-)

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5 Responses to “Folding Bikes in the WSJ”

  • John Boyer says:

    As an owner of 2 Bike Fridays and an early seventies Gitane foldie I’m certianly appreciative of the WSJs nod to what I already knew.

    Thes bikes have far more applications then any other in reaching the far corners of this amazing planet.

  • Dutch JaFO says:

    Has anyone seen the folding tricycle (Gekko FX) made by HP Velotechnik ?

    video :

    If that’s not ‘hip and cool’ then I don’t know what is … ;)
    too bad it’s not exactly cheap.

  • Brian C says:

    Looking forward to seeing the Gekko FX – my wife has a catrike pocket, a wonderful trike, light, fast, but it does not fold. Having a trike that folds opens up whole new worlds…

    And I must admit I was seriously impressed with the brompton from a recent excursion (a couple of hills exceeding 13% grades that were no problem with the 6 speed brompton).

  • Rick says:

    I’m kinda disappointed they didn’t include the “made in America” folder, Bike Friday; in the three weeks that I’ve been puttering around on the loaner Tikit, I’ve found it to be exactly as advertised–easy to ride, easy to fold, and quite the conversation stopper.

  • jamesher says:

    I like the Montague Crosstown.. a bit pricey even though it’s one of the cheapest from that group of folding bikes.. i think folding bikes really are becoming cooler and cooler especially now in our time that almost anything is possible and acceptable..

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