“Why I Ride” Photo Contest Prize List

Grand Prize: Civia Midtown Commuting/Utility Bicycle
The Grand Prize winner will receive a Civia Midtown Bicycle (size large*) along with a grab bag of other prizes. About the Midtown:

Bring home the treasures of the city with the Midtown, a budget-priced utility bike. Inspired by the elegant geometry of the Loring, the Midtown embraces function and value with rim brakes and a traditional derailleur. Built for comfort, it is equipped with our 65-degree Dupont handlebars that open your arms and provide plenty of breathing room. So swing by the farmers market, load a farmer’s dozen in its Market Front Rack, and head across town to the park for a picnic by the lake.

About Civia:

“At Civia, we see bikes as a vital link in the future of alternative transportation. We sincerely believe life’s better by bike and strive to make your daily transportation choices a lot more pleasant and sustainable. That’s why it is our mission to create products that inspire you to leave the car keys at home—and ride your bike.”


Runners Up: Rivendell Gift Certificates Totaling $750
The first three runners up will receive Rivendell Gift Certificates of $400, $250, and $100 respectively, along with a grab bag of other prizes.

About Rivendell:

“Our mission is to make things that wouldn’t be made if we weren’t here, to offer an alternative to racing-centric bikes and parts, and to espouse a different approach to riding. And to resurrect and keep healthy many of the better ideas, designs, and styles of bicycles, clothing, and accessories that we personally like to use or wear.”


Readers’ Choice Award
The Readers’ Choice Award winner will receive a “Rickshaw Performance Tweed Collection” including a Zero Messenger Bag, iPad/Computer Sleeve, Moleskine Folio, and Top Tube Sleeve.

About Rickshaw:

“Rickshaw is a new San Francisco-based bag company. Inspired by the creative energy of our city, urban cycling and an intense desire to make great products, we started Rickshaw to satisfy our own personal passion for bags. We know how people love their bags. We think it’s cool—if not kind of weird—the way people grow attached to their favorite bag as though it were a pet or loved—one.”


The Treasure Trove
In addition to the prizes listed above, we’ve assembled an amazing collection of prizes donated by our generous sponsors. From the following list, the grand prize winner will choose 5 items, the 1st runner-up will choose 4 items, the 2nd runner-up will choose 3 items, the 3rd runner-up will choose 2 items, and the remaining items will be distributed among the honorable mentions (we’ll draw randomly among the honorable mentions to determine the order of choosing). We use this method of distributing prizes so there’s a better chance everyone ends up with items they can use.

A.N.T. – Fleece Hat & Wool Socks
“Ant bicycles is a small bicycle fabrication shop run by Mike Flanigan and Betsy Eckel Scola in Holliston, MA. We are dedicated to building bikes for transportation that have the right combination of function and style.”

Arkel – (1) Randonneur Rack
“Arkel designs and builds the finest Bicycle Panniers for Bike Commuting, Mountain Biking, Bike Touring, or around-the-world Expeditions. Arkel bags are designed for cyclists, by cyclists, because there is no substitute for on the road experience.”

Banjo Brothers – (4) Top Tube Bags, (1) Waterproof Saddle Trunk
“We live and die by selling to and supporting independent bike dealers and by building well-made, functional, and affordable panniers, waterproof cycling backpacks, handlebar bags, seat packs, messenger bags and more for recreational cyclists and bike commuters.”
Banjo Brothers

Bates Crates – (1) Classic Crate
“Bates Crates are designed and hand built to be as environmentally friendly as possible right here in the USA! Once the right supplier is found, I hope to use reclaimed wood exclusively. Bates Crates is constantly evolving- My aim is to make using your bicycle for everyday activities more of a reality, and in doing that, promoting bicycling as a whole.”
Bates Crates

The Bicycle Business – (1) Paul Thumbies 7/8″ (mountain/upright bar), (1) Paul Gino Light Mount, (1) Paul Chain Keeper 28.6, (1 pr.) 700c Panaracer T-Serv PT Folding Tires
“We focus on road bicycles, transportation bicycles, touring bicycles, fixed gear bicycles, and parts and accessories for those bikes. We carry both complete stock bicycles that range from $300-$8,000 as well as framesets from various manufactures that can be custom built to your specifications. We are proud to stock many niche products and hard to find products. If you can’t find and odd part send us an email and we’ll see if we can locate what ever you are looking for.”
The Bicycle Business

Calhoun Cycle – (1) Carradice Barley Bag (Black)
“Calhoun Cycle is a great group of people who believe in human power. We think spinning on a bike is a great way to physical, emotional and spiritual fitness. Reducing pollution, road congestion and parking stress are icing on the cake. The bicycles and accessories we sell are designed to help you be successful cyclists, whether you’re touring Nepal or bopping around the corner for milk. We’ve been selling, repairing and renting bicycles in Uptown Minneapolis for over 20 years, and we’ve been on-line for 11 years.”
Calhoun Cycle

Cognition Caps – (4) Cycling Caps
“These caps are our expression of cycling style, but like any decent cycling gear, they’re not simply trend fodder. In the 41st minute of a 60-minute ‘cross race you’re not thinking about how cool your cap looks, you’re just grateful it keeps the sun and sweat out of your eyes. Cycling caps are a great place to combine form and function, and if our style can help draw attention to cycling and maybe inspire people to ride a bicycle, we’re all for it.”
Cognition Caps

Giro – (1) Giro Surface Helmet, (1) Bell Citi Helmet, (1 pr.) Giro Gilman Gloves
“Giro, based in Scotts Valley, CA, is a worldwide leader in high-performance protective gear and accessories for action sports and active lifestyles. Our mission is to create products on the leading edge of inspired design that look, fit and feel like a part of you, and allow you to be at your best.”

Gold Country Cyclery – (1) Nitto Northroad Handlebars
“We are the largest dealership of recumbents, recumbent trikes, tandems, tandem trikes, travel, commuting and touring bikes in Northern, California. Since 1999, we’ve remained committed to selling these special bikes and trikes exclusively.”
Gold Country Cyclery

Minnehaha Bag Co. – (2) Canvas Grocery Panniers, (1) Barrel Bag
“Minnehaha Bag Company offers fully functional cycling packs with classic materials and style and updated features. All are constructed of rugged 18oz. canvas with water repellent finish. The leather reinforcements and straps are tanned with natural plant tannins and have a firm initial feel that breaks in with use like a favorite belt. Hardware is nickel-plated steel throughout. These bags are designed for the rigors of the practical cyclist. Like we say around the shop, “Why not enhance the beauty of your bike with an authentically built Minnehaha Bag.”
Minnehaha Bag Co.

Nalgene – (3) “On the Fly” Bottles
“Here at NALGENE Outdoor, we get a lot of mail from campers, hikers, and other active outdoorspeople who love their NALGENE bottles. In fact, NALGENE Outdoor Products are recognized by explorers and adventurers around the globe.”

NYCeWheels – $100 Gift Certificate
“NYCeWheels is a retail shop in the Yorkville section of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, founded by Bert Cebular in October of 2001. NYCeWheels has evolved as a leader in alternative transportation specializing in portable, healthy and fun products to get around on.”

One Less Car – T-Shirts
“One Less Car is two brothers (and friends) obsessed with bicycles. We wanted t-shirts that were bike related, had a message and were unique; not just a t-shirt plasterd with advertising. After several beers (for one of us anyway), and throwing out ideas, we decided to just do it ourselves. So thats it, just a couple of guys (and a girl or two) in the back of a tattoo shop with a screen printing kit and some pretty damn good ideas, trying to make shirts that other bicycle enthusiasts might like, and hopefully purchase, so we can continue our bicycle addiction.”
One Less Car

Organic Bikes – (1 pr.) Re-Claimed Panniers, (1) Re-Claimed Messenger Bag, (2) Bio-Degradable Bottles w/Bamboo Cages
“Organic Bikes is owned and operated by Wheel and Sprocket- a family owned bicycle shop since 1973. We began Organicbikes.com to re-think the way that bicycles and cycling products are manufactured, used, and recycled. While we do not claim to be fully “green”, or sustainable across the board- we think we have some great ideas and we are very excited to present them here! We hope that people will not only choose a bicycle over their car for transportation, but that they will consider Organic Bikes as a more sustainable choice in Bicycles!”
Organic Bikes

Planet Bike – (2) Blaze 2W Headlights, (2) Blaze 1W Headlights, (3) Superflash Stealth Tail Lights
“Planet Bike was born from the heart of cyclists and our goal is to create innovative products that make it easier and safer for people to ride bicycles. The products we design are rooted in this dream. Riding through day, night, heat, cold, rain and snow helps us come up with products that make sense, work, and are practical.”
Planet Bike

Renaissance Bicycles – (1) Brooks B67 Saddle
“Renaissance Bicycles delivers unique, vintage, and custom bicycles to the people with a passion for beautiful bicycles. Our specialty is a “renaissanced bicycle” — an individual creation that melds the best of yesterday’s frame building craftsmanship with today’s high quality components.”
Renaissance Bicycles

Terracycle – (1) Multi-Purpose Accessory Mount
“TerraCycle runs a full service recumbent parts manufacturing facility in SE Portland, Oregon. We use state of the art CNC milling machines to make most products, but also use a variety of other machine tools as well. From idea, to design, to production, to implementation, everything is done “in house” by our skilled personnel. Our FastBack products are sewn in Colorado; we are serious about “Made in USA” and what that means.”

Topeak – (1) JoeBlow Turbo Pump, (1) TourGuide Handlebar Bag
“Innovation is defined as the process of making something new and different — introducing a method that’s better. At Topeak, innovation is what we do best. It’s part of our culture. And over the last 19 years we’ve received an avalanche of awards and accolades for products that continue to set the benchmarks for performance, style, light weight, and durability and we have gone on to become the most successful cycling accessory company in the world.”

Velo Orange – (1) VO Porteur Rack
“Most cyclists don’t race, yet they ride uncomfortable racing bikes and try to go too fast and so miss much of the world around them. Our emphasis is on a more relaxed and comfortable style of riding, and on refined bikes that are comfortable on a century ride, an inn-to-inn tour, or even on a ramble down your favorite dirt road.”
Velo Orange

Wald – (1) 139WW Wald Woody Basket, (1) 3133GB Quick Release Basket
“Wald bicycle baskets, racks, and fenders provide simple solutions to a complex global problem and can help you make the world a better place. Installing a bicycle basket allows you to bring home gallons of milk instead of burning through tanks of gas and drums of oil. Riding a bike with fenders and a rack let you get to and from work safe and dry.”

Walz Caps – (4) Cycling Caps
“Our cycling caps earn their reputation for quality and function because they are created with the individual cyclist in mind. Our cycling caps global popularity has allowed us to expand production while still keeping our cycling caps handmade in the United States. Our customers are raving about the fit, fashion and function our cycling caps provide at a remarkable value.”
Walz Caps

We want to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to our generous sponsors; it’s their participation that makes this all possible! Please reciprocate by visiting their websites and sending business their way when the time comes for a purchase. —Alan & Michael

[*Please Note: The Civia Midtown being offered as the Grand Prize is a size LARGE. If the winner doesn’t fit that size, we’ll make a substitution for the bike from the other prizes. In the case of a substitution of the bike for the $400 gift certificate from Rivendell, the first runner up will then have the option of choosing either the bike or the $200 gift certificate, and so on until we find a winner who fits the Civia.]

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  • EcoVelo » Blog Archive » EcoVelo “Why I Ride” Photo Contest says:

    […] This year’s prize list is amazing. The Grand Prize is a Civia Midtown Commuter Bike and a grab bag of goodies. The first three runners up will receive gift certificates from Rivendell Bicycle Works (valued at $400, $200, and $100 respectively) along with other prizes. Have a look at the extensive prize list here. […]

  • allan says:


  • Saddle Up says:

    Wow!!, the list of prizes looks amazing. It makes me want to go out at take my best shot and submit it right away. Oh no, wait a minute, I’m in Canada so I don’t qualify for any of the prizes. Nah won’t bother, bragging rights aren’t worth nearly as much.

  • Alan says:

    @Saddle Up

    Sorry about that, but when shipping the prizes internationally for our first contest, over half of them came back undelivered after paying the expensive shipping charges. We were careful to transcribe the supplied addresses accurately, but apparently something was lost in translation. A number of our contest sponsors expressed the same concern and thanked us for limiting shipping to domestic addresses.

    It’s too bad you’ve chosen to not participate – the main reason for running the contest is to share and have fun – the prizes are only the icing on the cake. The cake’s still pretty good… :-)


  • Aaron says:

    Great list! I’ll have one of each please!

  • Spencer says:

    I’ll be choosing my submission carefully!

  • Molnar says:

    Despite the wonderful prize list, I’m too lazy and untalented to enter (and, to tell the truth, while I am very impressed by Alan’s ability as a photographer, I’m not a big fan of what I think of as the “Leni Riefenstahl perspective”). However, as a former Canadian, I’m willing to take delivery for Saddle Up and deal with the international shipping myself, eh?

  • EcoVelo » Blog Archive » “Why I Ride” Photo Contest Prize List | Bicycle, Bicycles says:

    […] Visit link: EcoVelo » Blog Archive » “Why I Ride” Photo Contest Prize List […]

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    […] We had a couple of sponsors come on after the prize list was posted. NYCeWheels is throwing their support our way, as are our good friends at Calhoun Cycle. Look for their donations in the prize list. […]

  • Saddle Up says:

    @ Alan. I do get it’s about fun, it just more fun for entrants that are not excluded from contest prizes. Not that I’m bitter or anything. lol.

  • Alan says:

    @Saddle Up

    I do get it. Unfortunately, it’s just not feasible for us to commit to shipping so much product (including a bike) to unknown international addresses that are potentially anywhere in the world.

    IIRC, you work at a bike shop? If so, do you guys ship overseas? Just curious. We’re amateurs, so the international shipping on large, high value items is more than a little daunting.


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