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Scott Thayer, the Brand Manager at Civia, has been promoted into a new position within Civia’s parent company QBP, so the Brand Manager position at Civia is now open. If you’ve ever wanted to run a bike company, now’s your chance.

Congrats to Scott, and good luck to the applicants!

QBP Careers

9 Responses to “Run a Bike Company”

  • Pete says:

    Oh man. I wish I were even the slightest bit qualified!

  • Mike says:

    They’ve done so much right, if given the job I’d just say “carry on” and go for a bike ride.

  • kit says:

    Ah, you’re a man after my own heart to equate brand management with “running the company.” Marketers rule to world! Especially at Civia. If only I had more bike marketing experience.

  • Alan says:


    “Ah, you’re a man after my own heart to equate brand management with “running the company.”

    The actual job listing shows the job title as “General Manager”, so at least in this case, “Brand Manager” and “General Manager” have the same meaning. The job description does say that the General Manager will report to the Product Director, so perhaps “running the company” was overstating it a bit… :-)

  • Adam says:

    Well, whoever gets the job shouldn’t struggle with the nagging question of “am I making a difference in the world?”…

  • John Boyer says:

    If your reading this and thinking of a more local opportunity I am looking for a partner in a bike shop downtown that opens early, is commuter/touring specific and will evolve into a central Italy touring company. You can reach me at (916) 342-0813

    John Boyer

  • Alan says:

    FYI – John is in Sacramento, CA.

  • Kevin says:

    Alan –
    Just for the record, based on your blog posting, I applied for the Civia position. I already have a great job, am not really looking to move, and possess none of the qualifications the good folks there were looking for. However, the chance to say I applied to run a bike company doesn’t come around that often, so off to the Civia Careers website I went.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t get the job.
    If you happen to hear that Grant Petersen is moving on, will you let us know?
    Many thanks,

  • Alan says:

    Will do, Kevin. ;-)

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