Fact-Finding in the Netherlands

Bikes Belong recently hosted a group of San Francisco Bay Area transportation officials on a fact-finding mission to the Netherlands as part of their Bicycling Design Best Practices Project. Transportation writer Jay Walljasper accompanied the group to chronicle the events for CitiWire.net. From his article:

I joined a team of latter-day explorers in the Netherlands this month on a quest to discover what American communities can learn from the Dutch about transforming bicycling in the United States from the largely recreational pastime it is today to an integral part of our transportation system.

Patrick Seidler, vice-chairman of the Bikes Belong Foundation, sponsor of this fact-finding mission for transportation officials from the San Francisco Bay Area, announced we were in search of the “27 percent solution” — the health, environmental, economic and community benefits gained in a nation where more than a quarter of all daily trips are made on bicycle.

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One Response to “Fact-Finding in the Netherlands”

  • john Riley says:

    I watched some videos of Dutch cyclists elsewhere. The thing that struck me was that there was not a single 20-30 mph spandex rider in the bunch. Looks to me like such riders ARE a significant part of the commute scene here in San Francisco.

    Probably several reasons for this; longer commutes, and the almost inevitable fact of hills.

    Not sure how you connect the Dutch style (short, flat commutes) with the realities in some parts of the US.

    Mind, there are _parts_ of SF where you can get a lot done in short distances on mostly flat ground. And “the wiggle” (a zig-zag route that avoids serious climbs) is an interesting adaptation. The Wiggle connects Market street with the Golden Gate Park panhandle.

    When I stopped by the SF Bike Coalition booth at a recent event, I told them we needed a wiggle to connect the Marina with the part of Polk Street that is not part of Russian Hill. As usual, their eyes glazed over an they told me to write a letter.

    I digress…

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