Super Harvest Moon

Tonight was a special evening. For the first time in nearly 20 years we had what is known as a “super harvest moon” here in the Northern Hemisphere. A super harvest moon is a full moon that, on the evening of the autumnal equinox, rises in the east as the sun sets in the west.

From the NASA Science website:

The action begins at sunset on Sept 22nd, the last day of northern summer. As the sun sinks in the west, bringing the season to a close, the full Harvest Moon will rise in the east, heralding the start of fall. The two sources of light will mix together to create a kind of 360-degree, summer-autumn twilight glow that is only seen on rare occasions.

It was a lovely evening to be out on a bike soaking it all in.

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  • John Pelletier says:

    Indeed! I didn’t know about that. The ride home was at around 8:45 tonight, and being 8.5 miles from the university, and a wee bit uphill the entire way, it did take me close to 50 minutes today. I have a full 2 mile stretch with little to no lights (good and bad in some cases) but tonight was wonderful, with a clear sky and a little bit of wetness left on the roads (reduced my headlight luminosity). It was nice :)

    now to make sure the Coyote’s don’t get me…

  • Chase says:

    I was really looking forward to this, but thanks to the Seattle weather there was nothing but cloudy skies. :p Thanks for posting up a photo.

  • cassi says:

    I never knew – thanks for posting, and the (as always) incredibly lovely photo. Unfortunately, we too were under clouds last night; you captured the glow beautifully.

  • Cullen says:

    Did you have to illuminate your bike, or was it bright enough at night to ride without lights?

  • Alan says:


    We could have ridden without lights, but we turned them on to be sure we could be seen by motorists.


  • Chris J. from DE says:

    I drove (ugh!) to work today at around 6:00 am. It was still dark out and that huge full moon was just hanging there above the horizon. Amazing.

  • Pete says:

    I had to sprint home last night to avoid “soaking in” an epic thunderstorm! No moon for me.

  • Derek says:

    My commuting route is westerly in the evening and easterly in the morning, so I kept looking back over my shoulder last night on my way home and this morning on my way in. Unfortunately there were too many clouds in the Chicago area last night to enjoy it. This morning the moon was a little more clear as it dropped towards the western horizon (plus my morning commute is a lot darker than my evening commute this time of year before the time change).

  • sygyzy says:

    The sun was setting behind me as I was driving home from the gym. I could see the moon but even though I knew it was the Super Harvest Moon, I didn’t see anything that looked like the pictures I’ve seen. Disappointed :(

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