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Later this week, Dutch bicycle transportation experts will visit Chicago to school local politicians, planners, advocates, engineers, and business people on how Chicago can become more bike-friendly. From the press release:

The ThinkBike Workshops will bring together Dutch bicycle transportation experts, Chicago area politicians, planners, advocates, engineers and business people to plan and discuss how Chicago can become more bike-friendly. Two teams, consisting of Chicago and Dutch specialists, will survey Chicago by bike and discuss how streets, intersections and whole neighborhoods can be improved for optimal bike use. Other topics of discussion at the workshops will include bike safety, commuting by bike, biking to school, bike parking, bikes and public transport, law enforcement, etc.

We need more of this kind of information sharing in cities across the country.

ThinkBike Workshops

4 Responses to “ThinkBike Chicago”

  • Jae says:

    I work just few blocks from there. I will have to see if I can excuse myself from work for couple of hours in the morning.

  • Amsterdamize says:

    Good news, Alan, ThinkBike won’t stop in Chicago. Toronto and Chicago are pilot workshops, but it’s set up to be held in many more cities, like Miami, SF, Boston.

  • Frits B says:

    Marc from will be part of the delegation. See here:

  • Amsterdamize says:

    hey Frits! I wish, man, I wish, I’m helping out from a distance, for now. There’s a chance I’ll be invited to do a talk, that’s up in the air right now. If so, be sure I’ll blog about it :).

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