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You may have noticed a flood of new product updates recently. Interbike, the bicycle industry’s largest trade show, is coming up at the end of September, so we’ll have lots of product news for you over the next month or so. We won’t be attending the show this year, but we’ll be reporting from afar as the news comes in from our sponsors and elsewhere.

Now, for the latest from Organic Bikes:

The Edwin town bike is the perfect combination of simplicity, style, and comfort. Built for a trip to the market, a stroll through downtown, or a commute to work — the Edwin will get you there with eco-style! With the NuVinci N360 drive train — there are no confusing shift levers to bother with — just turn the single grip control forward or back till the resistance feels right. The range of gearing is enough to tackle the big hills, or for a brisk ride through downtown. Standard on the Edwin town bike is the Farmers Market bamboo rear rack — big enough for two grocery bags and comes with holders for two cups of coffee!

The NuVinci N360 drivetrain is hot this year — we’ll be testing at least two commuters outfitted with this new infinitely variable transmission.

Product Features

  • NuVinci N360 Infinitely Variable Transmission hub
  • Natural Laid-Up Bamboo Main tubing
  • 100% Recycled Alloy Lugs & Rear Triangle
  • Relaxed around-town geometry
  • Includes the Farmers Market rear bamboo rack w/dual coffee cup holders (not shown)
  • Estimated MSRP $1599.99 USD
  • Available Early 2011

The Edwin looks like a fun and interesting bike. Look for a review later this year.

Organic Bikes

16 Responses to “Organic Bikes Edwin”

  • John says:

    This is the second bamboo bike that I am aware of (there may be others). I’ve yet to read a review on their ride characteristics. Are they lively and compliant or do they tend to be stiff and dull? Anyone?

  • dweendaddy says:

    Oh man, I so wanted to love this bike, but I think this Organic Bike team is just a little new at this game. No chain guard for a “town bike” with internal hub gearing? Fenders that don’t seem to match the curve of the tires? Cup holders that you can’t reach? It is a shame that all they are bringing to this market is a few inches of bamboo lodged into a fairly humdrum aluminum commuter bike.
    I think they have done a good job with accessories, but obviously full bikes are a lot harder!

  • Derek says:

    Nice to see another bike using the N360. Those fenders look a little kludged on there though.

  • James says:

    Thanks for the comments- for the pictures- it is a production sample frame, but the components will change a bit. The fenders will be the proper shape, chain guard is in the works, and the cup-holders can be mounted in 4 different spots on the rear rack. Hope that helps some. Again- thanks for the feedback! Alan will be testing the ride quality of the bike in the near future- excited to hear his thoughts also.

  • louis says:


    “there are no confusing shift levers to bother with”

    I wonder if this should be revised. I’m guessing that most people willing to spend ~1600.00 on a bike are not confused by shift levers and might be put off by this kind of ad copy. It might make more sense on a sub $500 bike, but even then the notion of “confusing” shift levers is kind of absurd.

  • j. pierce says:

    That’s an interesting mock-up of the rear rack/carrier… ( I feel like it could be presented better for a professional website, but aesthetic concerns regardless, it appears that it would interfere with the saddle location…

  • AndyN says:

    What louis said. The Venn diagram for “confused by shift levers” and “spends $1600 on a bicycle” only overlaps on the sections labelled “arm-candy of Russian oligarchs” and “fixie culture”

  • Jon says:

    Interesting, but that fender line is absolutely atrocious. I can’t focus on anything else.

  • Mat says:

    I’ll give them a pass on the “confusing shift levers”. I would imagine that anyone visiting this blog is either knows about cycles and their workings or is headed that way, but there are people who ride bikes and have money who don’t interest themselves in such things; that’s what mechanics are for silly! ;) Hang around the commuter bike shops enough, you’ll see. There. That’s me being charitable.

    I wouldn’t trust a company that thinks so little of their product as to present it to the world with those fenders…Good Grief! I have to go sandpaper my eyes now!

  • Jim Ball says:

    Many people are confused by shift levers on a normal geared bike. I have seen many bikes being ridden cross chained. e.g. small cog / small chain ring. For some the overlap of ratios on a triple crank set, is confusing.

  • James says:

    Point well taken with the Fenders. Please understand that this is a pre-production build- mainly for our website and the Interbike show in Las Vegas next week.
    We had quite a deadline and I understand it isn’t perfect- perhaps we could ask for a bit of mercy on this :)
    When we have a bit more time the website pics will be updated with beautifully mounted fenders and the chainguard, rear rack, etc. Please accept our humble presentation- as a lot of our customers have asked for pictures and we thought it better to offer something rather than a “coming soon” pic any longer.

  • Alan says:


    Tough crowd today! Thanks for explaining; I’m sure folks will go a little easier on you from here on out… :-)


    PS – I can’t wait to see the final rendition and give it a try.

  • Dave says:

    I can’t wait for the Nuvinci reviews. That hub seems to me like a real revolution in bicycle drivetrains — if only it were cheaper and less than 9lbs.

  • Alan says:


    The new hub weighs 5.4 lbs…

  • dynaryder says:

    Why would you put cup holders on the rack? One,on the handlebar.

    What’s with the piece between the toptube and seattube? Surly’s doing that this year too. Never liked the looks of frames like that,for some reason it always strikes me something that got tacked on at the last minute to fix the frame. What’s wrong with a regular sloping toptube?

  • doug says:

    wow, what an original name, wonder where that came from……still not nearly as cool or innovative as my bikes, the REAL edwin bikes! : )

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