The Early Bird Gets the Worm

This Morning’s Commute

The “worm” being a gorgeous sunrise to kick off the week.

6 Responses to “The Early Bird Gets the Worm”

  • John says:

    Beautiful shot, Alan!

    Questions for you: How do you find the ride of the LHT, compared to other cro-moly frames? I’ve read that it likes being loaded better than not. Is that your experience with it?

  • Alan says:

    Thanks, John!

    The LHT is designed to carry touring loads, so it feels pretty stiff under my 160 lb. frame when unloaded. My Rivendell, for example, is much livelier and pleasant to ride while unloaded or lightly loaded. Think of a 3/4 ton pickup without a load in the back, and you have my mental picture of the LHT unloaded.


  • John says:

    I guess that means for my svelte 235 lbs. a sweet ride indeed. ;-)

  • Jesse says:

    If you’re svelte @ 235…what am I @ 250? ;-)

    This is good to know as I’m dreaming of when I can afford a LHT of my own, of course I mainly ride in city and commute so maybe I’ll look elsewhere for a livelier frameset…hhmmm…

  • Alan says:


    Keep in mind that a bike that feels stiff under one person may feel lively under another person who weighs more or rides bigger gears. If at all possible, it’s always good to test ride a bike in your size to see how it responds to your particular physique and riding style.

  • Jesse says:

    Oh, of course! I finally found a shop locally that stocks enough LHTs that I can likely find one in stock when I’m ready. They also carry Salsa and others so I’ll have ready comparison material. Until then, it’s back to my hacked Kona!

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