Surly Pre-Interbike News

Surly is showing their 2011 model updates prior to Interbike this year. A few highlights include the Troll (shown above), which they’re describing as “a commuter, tractor, off-roader, tourer, dethmachine”; a new heavy-duty cargo trailer designed to haul up to 300 lbs.; a new color for the Cross-check (Robin’s Egg Blue); and a lower complete-build price for the Big Dummy ($1840). Check out all the details on the Surly Blog.


7 Responses to “Surly Pre-Interbike News”

  • David says:

    Troll looks like a good frame to build into tourer. chainstay discs, rack mounts and both derailer and sliding dropouts! i’m thinking a 700c Alfine 11 build!

  • John says:

    It’s a good idea but what would be really cool – the Troll was a unisex step through/mixte. And I bet it doesn’t have a kickstand plate!

  • AJ says:

    Looks a bit lie many things on the market now; especially the GT Peace 9’r. Yawn.


  • Bob B says:

    Troll + trailer looks great — and big fat tires as well!

  • David says:

    I actually have a GT Peace 9’r and while it is great as a MTB as a SS, i ended up converting it to a 1×9 using a workaround. it is still not as versatile as i had hoped, not like a karate monkey would be for example, there is no sensible way to add racks/fenders like there would be with this. there are definitely workarounds but what i like with most surly’s is you don’t need workarounds as they work well as is.
    I wouldn’t recommend a peace as an only bike to anyone, it is good fun but you would need at least another bike for everyday riding/ transpo / longer distances. I supplement mine with a surly pacer i built before they were available as completes.
    This bike looks like it could handle the rough roads /singletrack as a 26″ hardtail, be a nimble commuter with 700c discs and be able to handle racks and fenders for week – month long camping trips. having the track dropouts in addition to the hanger is a bonus for IGH or SS duty.

  • Dolan Halbrook says:

    Interesting frame. Might make a decent offroad tourer, but the BB is pretty high for long road trips. It’s similar to my Rawland Drakkar in spririt, but a bit more industrial in a fittingly Surly kind of way. Spiritual successor to the Karate Monkey?

  • Bob says:

    If the geometry is true to the 1×1, as Surly says it is, then the chainstays are 41cm. That’s short for a commuter/tourer unless the rider carries everything on his or her back.

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