Civia Halsted Sneak Peek

A very sneaky sneak peek of the 2011 Civia Halsted. Is that a 20″ front wheel and a frame mounted cargo rack I see?


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  • Sean says:


  • Ralph Aichinger says:

    We want a less sneaky peek ;)

    This looks very interesting, like a more affordable version of the Ahearne cycle truck, or a modernized version of the european postman’s/baker’s bike (like the Pashley Delibike).

    I am riding a Tunturi postman’s bike from Finland and I think in some way this type of bike is ideal for shopping: Not too heavy to ride around town comfortably, but enough space to carry really anything I buy regularily. Also steering is just as good with the loaded bike as with an empty bike.

    But: Many of these utility bicycles come with rather cheap components, and lack the nicieties of a modern upscale bike (the Larry&Harry Bullit being the notable exception).

    I hope all this Civia stuff will lead to a cargo bike boom, and make this type of bike more popular in countries where it is currently not (like here in Austria).

  • nick says:

    I’ve seen it in person already. It is exactly what you would expect of a Civia cargo bike. Well thought out and practical design. Good components that get the job done. The deck surface of the cargo area is made out of High Density Polyethylene (same stuff as your plastic kitchen cutting board). Stay tuned for InterBike which is coming up, they will have it there for people to see.

  • Urb Anwriter says:

    Does this mean I have to retire my Loring, to get the bike I was secretly longing for all along?

  • Alan says:

    @Urb Anwriter

    There’s nothing that says a person can’t have two Civias. Perhaps one each for odd and even days of the week? ;-)

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