#1 Reason to Commute by Bike?

You don’t get this from behind the wheel of a car

#1 reason to commute by bike? See above. Following are a few others…

Feel free to add to the list!

21 Responses to “#1 Reason to Commute by Bike?”

  • Lief says:

    Because it’s fun.

  • Donald Bybee says:

    The feeling of superiority we get knowing that we are doing something that is so easy and fun and good for us while all of those other commuters wallow along in their cars.
    Sacramento, Ca

  • Drew M. says:

    Dinging my bell at friends & neighbors; letting go of the workday

  • Andy says:

    There are a lot of reasons to commute by bike, but I really do it because it’s fun. The other benefits, while actually more important, are just side effects.

  • Rex says:

    Lief, Andy—yes.

  • Fergie348 says:

    I commute in the Bay Area, and I have to say although it may take a little longer than driving or taking the bus, riding my bike to work is completely predictable in terms of time. I know when I’ll be at work, whereas when I go by car, bus, motorcycle I’m at the mercy of the traffic gods.

    All the other stuff applies as well (fun, exercise, stress relief, smug superiority, etc.), but the predictability is something I can point out to my coworkers who just had to sit for 30 minutes while a freeway obstruction was cleared. It’s a powerful argument..

  • Supp Suppinger says:

    Alan, You are absolutely right with this ranking!!!! Nature is, where human beings belong! Not square miles of concrete, but trees, green grass, wind, silence, etc! Probably its even in our genes to be outdoor, because human beings used to be for hundreds of thousand years! Only the media and advertisements want to program us the other way around, so that we think we can buy happiness. But that’s wrong. Though companies won´t like to hear this, happiness is free, and it´s just right out there!

  • AK Mike says:

    The #1 Reason?

    For me it’s a little bit of all of the above.

    It’s like a good apple pie – I just can’t point to one of the ingredients that makes a great pie. It’s all the ingredients blended together that does it.

    Plus, I’m just addicted to that happy feeling I get on my Street Machine.

    AK Mike

  • JIm says:

    Feeling good about life. I feel better physically and emotionally because of the intense workout I get everyday commuting 18 miles roundtrip. I breath easier, feel stronger, feel good about reducing my carbon footprint, appreciate nature more, feel like superman because I can ride in even the worst windy rainstorm , feel better about myself even on the worst of days when I ride past people huffing and puffing as they hoist themselves out of their cars and definitely love speeding along the bike path past a long line of cars sitting in deadlock waiting to get into a traffic jam on the freeway!

  • David Cates says:

    one word: AUTUMN

  • taiwoon says:

    because I want to feel alive!

  • jerry'sdaughter says:

    Because whenever you say, “I had a great commute today!” you were on your bike. Not in a car or on pubic transit.

  • milkman dan says:

    It’s fun!
    It really does make you feel great.
    Provides a nice quiet time to think on the way in to work.
    Very consistent commute time.

  • jnyyz says:

    I’d agree with all the reasons in your post, and pretty much all of the comments that follow (biking is fun!). I’d add that in my case, it’s 30 minutes to work by subway or bike, and so I get an hour’s exercise everyday without any loss in time. Also, my family says I get cranky if I don’t get my daily bike ride.

  • bicitourist says:

    I commute daily with my son. I drop him off at school and then head into the office! I love my 15 more minutes with the kid in the am!


  • kanishka new england says:

    for the car benefit, i would focus on the incremental saved per mile of not using. its not as realistic to say to newbies that they can remove their car from their life, so subtracting total car ownership can be misleading

    commuting is awesome in the fall

  • Ian says:

    Exposure to nature is something I’ve come to really appreciate. Not only am I more aware of the weather, wind and daylight hours, but I have to check the tides too. If there’s a very high tide part of my commute is under a foot of water and I have to take a detour!

  • Jeff from Jersey says:

    The best part of bike communting around here (very crowded North Jersey) is just showing others that it can be done! And by a not-so-young, fairly un-hip dude, at that! If more people around here could just believe that bike commuting was actually feasible, we might be able to convince our transportation planners to plan us in, instead of designing a system that shuts us out.

  • Fergie348 says:

    @bicitourist – your son is super cute! And he obviously is happy to have his helmet on and ready to ride in to school. Which is how I feel right before I hop on my bike to ride to work. I look forward in a couple of years to riding with my sons to their school on the way into work..

  • Ben W says:

    When I ride my bike to work, my life is better. I feel better, I think better, I probably look better too. I know that on some level I am saving a couple grams of CO2 from the atmosphere, but I’d say my (hopeful) inspiration to others, my decreased healthcare needs, and my personal productivity likely benefit the world much more then and any direct carbon footprint improvements.

  • zo says:

    Doing PANDA and then show them to grumpy/traffic jam victim officemate….

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