For some reason, I always feel compelled to note these little milestones.

11 Responses to “2K”

  • Steve says:

    Congrats! Your posts have really helped me discover cycling. I hope to see 2k more :)

  • Don Bybee says:

    Congratulations Alan,

    You are very prolific which makes this one of the more interesting sites to check back in on regularly. (That and the great photos). Keep up the good work.

    How did you like the cool kiss of the delta breeze today? I love this weather, a 15 degree drop in the high in one day. (for those of you out of town, 108 F yesterday and the low 90’s today.)

    Sacramento, California

  • Alan says:

    Thanks very much, guys!


    Wow, what a relief. I’m looking forward to this weekend (the forecast is calling for the high 70s).


  • melissa says:

    I feel so fortunate for having discovered this blog and look forward to reading it every morning with my cup of coffee. Thank you for the time and work you put in on it!

  • Marc says:

    Keep it up… i look forward to daily posts also… keeps me and my coffee company… i have only recently discovered the site… so i have the pleasure of going back and catching up in your archives… thanks…

  • Pete says:

    The “some reason” is called pride and you have every right to be proud of this site.
    2000 quality posts is hard work.
    Thanks, and keep it up!

  • Marshall says:

    As you should. EcoVelo has quickly become one of my favourite sites, and is one that I visit at least once a day. Your posts are well thought out, your lifestyle inspirational, and your photography is exceptional. Well done.

  • bongobike says:

    It’s hard to add anything to what’s been said above. Congrats on a job well done.

  • Bert, folding biker says:

    Great job. The only statistic I can match on my blogs is the 145k spam comments : )

  • kanishka new england says:

    i think i’m the one spam message!

  • taiwoon says:

    Alan, congrats! and I really like ur blog which is more then just about bike! u have a gift for writing and finding the best angles. Thanks for sharing ur thoughts and keep going!

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