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The Telegraph published an interesting graph showing London cycle hire usage plotted against temperature and rainfall. The data suggests usage is related to temps and rainfall (not surprising). How about you? Are you a fair weather commuter or do you brave the wet and cold?

The Telegraph

15 Responses to “London Cycle Hire Stats”

  • Teddy says:

    Since I use my bike to commute to school and work, and have a distaste for public transportation in Los Angeles, I brave the wet and cold and use my bike no matter what.
    The only time I might avoid it is the very first rain. People in Los Angeles tend to forget how to drive in the rain and the oil on the road doesn’t like me much.

  • townmouse says:

    Up here in Scotland, cold yes, wet no. An hour is too long to endure riding through steady rain – I know, I’ve done it. I can vary my journey times to avoid the worst of the weather – and I don’t actually mind getting caught in a shower once I’m on my bike but if it’s set in for the day the car comes out. In London my rides were shorter and I cycled through anything but snow particularly as the alternative was walking so I’d get wet anyway.

  • Sharper says:

    I brave the cold, such as it is here. This year, I’m going to face the wet. Assuming I get off my lazy butt and get the proper gear, that is…

    In high school, I rode my bike every day, including the day of a significant flood, when I had to ford a river that was waist-high over a bridge. Fun stuff.

  • Bomber says:

    Living in Vermont, I have little choice but to deal with rain and cold temps. I’m hoping to ride up until December this year. when the temp gets below 25 f, I usually hang it up and wait until March. But with investments in better cycling clothes, I hope to keep lengthening the time.

  • Graham says:

    I’m with Townmouse. If I’ve already started out and it begins to rain, I’ll just suck it up and pedal a bit faster. (What else is there to do, anyway?) But if it’s raining already, then I’ll jump in the car with my wife and promise myself that I’ll take the scenic route tomorrow.

  • dave says:

    I avoid riding in weather extremes. I don’t get along well with ice, so I stop riding if the temps are at or below freezing. Similarly, I don’t ride if the temps swing over 102F. I’ll ride in the rain unless it’s coming down sideways or it’s coming down faster than it can run off the road. If it gets really bad when I’m already out on the bike, I’ll suck it up and ride through it. However, I have taken refuge under an overpass in hopes that the particularly nasty stuff blows through.

  • D'Arcy says:

    It took me a couple of years to work up to it but I now ride winter and summer. I’m not great in snow over 6 inches with drifts ,so if we have a major snowfall, I take a day or so off while they clear the side of the roads. It’s not the snow that scares me, it’s the fact that the plowed drifts cause bicycles to be out further in the road with the traffic.

    Riding during a snow fall can be beautiful though if you’re on a bike trail.

  • CedarWood says:

    Since the local town receives less rain than my house, I often set out in the rain only to discover dry roads a few miles later.

    As to cold, my freewheel broke at 16 degrees F last winter, so I quit riding. But with the new winter bike, we’ll see.

  • Mark says:

    I only ride my bike in good weather. I also believe that there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate equipment. The rain is a little annoying, but not too bad, and snow is just fun.

  • Pete says:

    My bar is set pretty low for going to work – I’ll drive if it’s actually raining in the morning on my way in. I can’t get to work soaked. However, I’ve missed too many biking days when the weather report says “30% chance” and I chicken out, so now I’ll ride on those days.
    Otherwise, the bar is somewhat higher, though I’ve never tried riding in the snow – something new for this year!

  • Mike says:

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m planning to use bicycles exclusively this winter. I live in Winnipeg, so I expect the main challenge will be avoiding getting too hot or cold once I’m properly outfitted.

  • Warren says:

    Rain hail or shine I commute to work

  • Robert says:

    I was never able to resist the lure of my car on rainy days until I got rid of it altogether. Now that biking is my only option I just suck it up, put on my rain jacket, pants, and shoe covers (Sidetrax brand, highly recommended) and head out. A couple years in, I actually enjoy it, but still have to remind myself to take it slow so that I don’t sweat too much inside my vinyl suit, and to account for the wet brakes. It also feels safer than dealing with slippery highways, and I am one of the only people in my office who still gets to work on time those days.

    I definitely put in fewer miles during the rainy season here in Northern California, but it is due to fewer pleasure rides because of the reduced daylight, as my commute and errand trips around town are the same.

    On a side note, I have plenty of tough, bike racer friends who have no problem riding double centuries with crazy elevation in 100 degree heat, but bail and grab the car keys if they have to go more than a couple miles in the rain to work. Does anyone else here find this confusing, or is it just me?

  • Bruce says:

    My criteria is to drive if it’s raining hard in the morning. I don’t care if I get wet on the way home, but I want to be relatively dry when I get to work. As for the cold, I usually drive if it’s below about -20C (-4F). Freezing rain I avoid: it can be fun with my studded tires but I don’t trust the cars. If there’s more than about 15cm (6″) of new snow, I’ll drive until my route is plowed (again, the worry is the cars, not the bike). My biggest problem cycling in winter happens to be a big snowfall followed by melting for a couple days then the deep cold sets in and most of the streets turn to ice with deep frozen ruts weaving all over the place. My carbide studs are no match for getting stuck in one of those traps.

  • John Lascurettes says:

    Rain, cold, heat, ice or snow (I’ve got studded tires on my mountain bike!) I ride to and from work year round. I used to take transit, but cannot stand it after being spoiled by my bike. The only weather I really despise is gusty wind – but I still ride in it.

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