Good News from NYDOT

Some choice tidbits from the New York City Department of Transportation 2009 Sustainable Streets Index:

3.2% increase in bus and subway ridership in 2008; 12.3% increase in bus and subway ridership since 2003; 2.0% decline in weekday traffic volumes in 2008; 3.4% decline in weekday traffic volumes since 2003

32% increase in bicycle commuting into the Manhattan core from 2007 to 2008; Additional 26% increase in bicycle commuting from 2008 to 2009; 126% increase in bicycle commuting since 2003

“From 2003 to 2007, rising levels of mass transit ridership and bicycle commuting accompanied population and job growth in New York City, while vehicle traffic levels were essentially unchanged.”


“The continued growth of transit ridership and cycling, even as traffic volumes declined, indicates that the shift toward sustainable modes is not dependent on economic growth. Instead, this shift has been produced by the long-term investment in the transit infrastructure and rapid expansion of the bicycle network, both of which have attracted growing numbers of New Yorkers during the start of the recession as well as the earlier period.”


“These results show that at a citywide level, regional transportation policy decisions made over the last three decades—to rebuild and expand the transit network, to build a quality cycling network, and to manage traffic demand by shifting as many drivers as possible to higher-performance modes—have had a measurable impact on the way New Yorkers choose to travel, through good and bad economic times.”

NYDOT 2009 Sustainable Streets Index

6 Responses to “Good News from NYDOT”

  • Sharper says:


  • neighbourtease says:

    This is good news and I hope for yet more cycling infrastructure.

    Hopefully the planned hikes to our Metrocard rates (possibly going from $90 to $130 for a monthly unlimited card) will send people onto bicycles and not into cars.

    Just anecdotally — there are many more cyclists than there used to be. And I’ve only been cycling here for five years.

  • Fergie348 says:

    Yup – it’s all about infrastructure, that’s for sure.

    The vehicular traffic has peaked because it’s not possible to cram any more cars into midtown and downtown.

    As infrastructure improvements for bikes continues in Manhattan it will become more and more clear to commuters that bikes represent the fastest and most predictable method of travelling around this particularly densely populated island.

  • Elliott @ Austin on Two Wheels says:

    This is the clearest indicator we’ve had yet that infrastructure is the defining need to get more people cycling. NYC was a city built for alternative transportation yet the dramatic shift to more cycling didn’t happen until they started building space for bikes.

    Great numbers!

  • SB Mike says:

    126% increase in bike use! Holy smokes that is awesome.

  • kanishka says:

    nyc oozes bike culture this year

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