EcoVelo Houndstooth Wool Caps

A shipment of EcoVelo Houndstooth Wool Caps just arrived from Walz Caps. These are sumptuous, 4-panel black/white houndstooth wool caps, embroidered with the EcoVelo logo on the right side. Supplies are limited, so order yours soon for the upcoming tweed season!

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5 Responses to “EcoVelo Houndstooth Wool Caps”

  • Thor says:

    man those look nice ….
    wondering if I have to color my hair blue , though ….

    that is meant as a compliment, I really like,
    however I dont have enough hair no more to make this fly, and the missus would probably kill me

    all the best

  • Fergie348 says:

    Now if you could just make this available as a helmet cosy..

  • graciela. says:

    I like the look of those bike caps but I wear a helmet on my bike and I’d feel like some kind of poser if I wore them off my bike. I don’t have enough street cred to be a cool bike person. I’m just a nerd going to work.

  • Tim D. says:

    I wear cycling caps underneath a helmet all the time. Now, granted, I don’t always wear a helmet, but I do typically always have a hat on when I ride (Like when Mountain biking, which I always wear a helmet whilst doing).

  • Kris says:

    Will you ship to England? I want one.

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