Civia Mission Rack

Civia has a new rack in the works. From the Civia blog:

Here is a sneak peak of the new Civia Mission rack. With clean lines, this light aluminum rack is rated for 40 pounds, or a good bicycle transportation load. This rack should be in stock in a few weeks.

I like the clean lines of this little rack — it reminds me of the Tubus Fly and it’s just a little Nitto-ish. With a 40 lb. weight limit it should be plenty strong for commute loads.


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  • Pete says:

    This could work if the price is right.
    I like the Tubus racks, but don’t want black, and the silver ones in stainless steel are Nitto-priced, so why not just get a Nitto…
    I like the addition of the lower horizontal bars for panniers.
    The connection to the seat stays, with what looks like flat bar stock, is a bit rough, but I guess this is just a prototype. Most stuff from Civia ends up very nicely detailed in final form.

  • Jay says:

    More racks should have this sort of cross bar.

    I bought a Zefal version of the Tubus Logo, because it has the second, lower set of rails, so you can put a basket on top, and still mount panniers on the side. On mine, that doesn’t actually work in practice, because there’s not enough space to wedge the panniers under the basket.

    So, I considered returning the rack, since it’s kind of heavy. But I haven’t because having multiple horizontal bars is incredible useful for someone who uses a rear basket.

    I’ve got a rear basket ziptied onto the top of the rear rack, and I use a single bungee cord to hold my backpack in place. Toss the backpack in the basket, hook the bungee onto one of the lower side rails, bring it over the backpack, and hook it onto the lip of the basket. One move – easy.

    Since I don’t use panniers anymore, this type of rack would work great – basket on top, with a horizontal bar for hooking a bungee.

  • Frits B says:

    40 lbs.? So what do we do about this?

  • Alan says:

    @Frits B

    That rack probably weighs half as much as the entire bike pictured in this post… LOL. As they say, horses for courses… :-)


    PS – Cool photo.

  • Scott says:

    There’s generally a significant difference between what a rack is rated for and what it can actually carry (for a while). We know our racks can carry more than they’re rated for, but we build in a safety factor between the rating and the failure point.

    Unfortunately, that isn’t to be said for some of the other racks on the market with listed ratings north of 100lbs. I cringe because I know those racks are essentially the same general strength as ours. I just wonder what their safety factor is, or if they understand what standards the racks need to be tested to…

  • Fred says:

    It looks just like the Tubus Vega (which is quite similar to the Tubus Fly, but has dual attachment points on the seatstays, like the Civia version shown here). As I understand it, Tubus only imports the black version of the Vega to the U.S. I was told they weren’t happy with the way the finish on the silver version holds up…I ordered the silver version from Europe and am very happy with it but indeed the finish gets marked up pretty easily during normal use (attaching and detaching panniers, for example, leaves big marks).

    In any case, good for Civia for seizing an opportunity the Tubus missed. This is a great size rack for a commuting / light touring bike — it’s a light rack, so you don’t mind putting it on your bike, yet it holds plenty for commuting or light touring.

  • RDW says:

    I think I’d like to see a little more space available on top of the rack, it doesn’t look very wide. But I have to say that it’s nice to see a decent rack available which isn’t black and doesn’t cost a fortune. And it looks to have a good bracket for mounting a tail light, looks like it’s perfect for a PB Superflash.

  • Pete says:

    If the production version is available in silver…
    and the seatstay rods are the same design as other Civia racks …
    and the price is 50 bucks…. you’ll sell a million of these!
    I’ll buy the first one.

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    I like the classic lines as well – that curve at the back. I have been trying to find out what this style is called; it is very common on transport bikes in Northern Europe.

  • Dolan Halbrook says:

    Great looking rack. I’d love to know the weight of it. Also, I really wish they had used a euro-spec rear light mount, but I suppose the included one is more saleable here in blinky-land.

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