Joe Breeze at DealerCamp

Joe Breeze discusses the history of mountain biking and the future of transpo bikes at DealerCamp.


8 Responses to “Joe Breeze at DealerCamp”

  • Adam says:

    I like Joe Breeze’s contribution to cycling. I like mountain bikes and particularly Breezer’s early push in the commuter bicycle markets.

    But what does it say that Breezer is now making a carbon 29er? I wonder whether this would be if gas prices had stayed >$4 a gallon…

  • JIm Ball says:

    I have recently purchased a low end 29er mountain bike. I never want to ride my other bikes now. It’s very enjoyable.

  • Adam says:


    What is it about the 29er that you like so much? I haven’t ridden one yet.

  • Fergie says:

    Mountain bikes with 27″ wheels (or 700C – 29″ is actually a measurement that includes the tire and is more marketing than anything) are smoother and more stable at any speed over about 3 mph. The 26″ wheel choice for MTB’s is a historical accident and that size wasn’t chosen with performance in mind. It was what would fit on the Schwinn Excelsior, which is what they had to use at the time. Ask Joe, he’ll tell you the same..

    That said, I think for really small bikes a 26″ wheel makes lots of sense. If you ride a 17″ MTB or larger, you really owe it to yourself to try a big wheel bike. I ride a 19″ or 20″ MTB and the first time I rode a 29er I felt like I was riding within the bike as opposed to over it. It fits me better..

  • David says:

    I’ve been riding a 29er since 1993 as an in-city commuter and agree that the small strong frame and big wheels are a good combination for obstacle riding…In my case potholes, curbs, and the like.

  • Jim Ball says:

    For Adam and others, who have some curiosity about 29ers. In the video Joe Breeze mentioned the new Breezer 29er, They are not just a fad. If you like 26er bikes, you should try a 29er. They just roll over stuff better. Pot holes, roots, rocks, curbs, enhanced stability, tracking, etc. It’s been over 40 years since I have spent so much time riding no-handed. Your mileage may vary on that. I was thinking if I were to commute on our lousy, deteriorated two lane roads with no shoulder, a 29er would make the journey much more pleasant and/or safer. I always used an old rigid 26er mountain bike with tough heavy street slicks. Now that has become obsolete.

  • Ryan says:

    My mountain bike is a 1996 specialized stumpjumper size 15.5″, its on the small side because I am small. I never had a problem with stability on it as it is just a great trail bike. I have 700s on my road/commuter bikes, but have never tried the 29 thing for the trail. Do you all think the 29ers are a good choice for a short guy on the trails?

  • JimBall says:


    A 29er as a trail bike gives most riders a faster ride over rough stuff. Especially when climbing. My son describes this as, “hitting the bumps, rocks, roots, and so forth they don’t loose velocity when climbing as much with the bigger wheels”. As the larger diameter give a better angle of approach going over that stuff. I think you would benefit, if you could borrow one for a ride on your favorite trail. All manufacturers are coming out with a few 29ers now. Giant for example has two hard tails ( 2011 models ) under a thousand. I can change wheels on mine to 32mm tires and it is a very pleasant bike for the nice smooth stuff. If someone could have only one —

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