The Best Seat in the House is a Saddle

Even though it’s still summer, we’re just starting to get a touch of that gorgeous fall light in the early morning. We’re looking forward to the stunning sunrises and sunsets that are such a treat throughout the fall. Of course, the best seat in the house for Mother Nature’s light shows is always a saddle….

4 Responses to “The Best Seat in the House is a Saddle”

  • sb mike says:

    well said Alan, as for me the best seat is really a seat since i ride a recumbent :-)

  • Nick David Wright says:

    What a great photo!!

  • steve says:

    Your photography is great – you could do a calendar

  • Alan says:


    Thanks, Steve. We usually offer a calendar during the holiday season. We’ll probably put one together again this year; look for it around Thanksgiving…


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