Center City Philly Bicycling Report

Philadelphia’s Central Philadelphia Development Corporation and the Center City District published a limited, but interesting report on bicycle use in the city center.

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3 Responses to “Center City Philly Bicycling Report”

  • david says:

    That is a gorgeous graphic! Good thing Philadelphia’s Center City District is a near-perfect grid…

  • elizabeth says:

    I lived in West Philly from 2005 to 2008, an commuted into northeast center city. I almost never used the streets with bike lanes. Walnut going west, but it was a bear during rush hour, as it is one of the entrances to the highway and one of the few bridges over the Schuylkill. What was great, is that I could ride on small, one way streets without much other car or bike traffic. Even the larger arterials felt somewhat comfortable due to frequent stop signs and lights. It seemed like west and north philly, where cars seemed more prevalent and streets are larger, would benefit more than center city from the introduction of bike lanes. Especially, since as the report noted, only ten percent of the outlying neighborhood commuters use a bike, and the young are pushing out from the center as it becomes less affordable. These neighborhoods, too, are often poorly serviced by Septa.

  • Jennifer says:

    This is a great report! The National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project ( encourages communities to conduct regular counts and I’m excited Philly counted. Knowing where folks are currently biking and where they’re not helps us bike planners better understand opportunities and constraints. I encourage folks to get counts going in their communities.

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