Day Touring on the Bromptons

We spent a day this past weekend touring the downtown area on our Bromptons, visiting with friends, looking at historic homes, drinking coffee, and eating good food. It was a fun day and a perfect situation for a pair of folding bikes. Bromptons are so nimble and tiny, and they’re so easy to park and store, they make the perfect vehicle for roaming over an urban landscape.

Practical and fun bikes for bopping around town
A friend takes the Brommie for a spin
A view from the cockpit (chasing a pair of Rivendells)

9 Responses to “Day Touring on the Bromptons”

  • Karl OnSea says:

    Oooh – just what is it about Bromptons? They’re definitely next on my list (number of bikes required = one more than you currently own . . .). I think what really gets me is their practicality – it takes far more than mere marketing hype to make them as popular as they are with the London commuters.

  • Logan says:

    Clever cycles has a couple brommies they rent and we got to take one out for a little spin while we were there. The brompton bikes offer a really fun, sporty ride. The wide low pressure tires they had gave a nice bounce and flex feeling when starting out from a stop sign. They will definitely be on our radar for new bikes in the future. :)

  • Erik Sandblom says:

    I keep the tyres on my Brompton at high pressure, but the suspension block makes it soft and bouncy nevertheless. I actually put two hose clamps on the suspension block to make it stiffer.

    They sure are nice rides. I bought mine for the fold but I enjoy riding it too.

  • Hercule says:

    They’re actually high pressure tyres – I run mine at 80-90 psi.

    Some of the bounce is from the rear suspension, some is a bit of handlebar and perhaps seatpost flex. Either that or Clever Cycles need to keep an eye on their pressures…

  • Logan says:

    Whoops, guess I had it wrong. It must have been the suspension blocks I was feeling. :) Fun bikes! :)

  • Harry says:

    I’ve wanted to ride one, but haven’t found a dealer. If there is a dealer/Bike Shop in SF or the East Bay please let me know. The Brompton site mentioned Warm Planet in SF, but WP’s website didn’t make mention of carrying a Brompton.

  • Paut says:

    Erik Sandblom says:
    ….but the suspension block makes it soft and bouncy nevertheless. I actually put two hose clamps on the suspension block to make if stiffer….

    Are you using the firm suspension block? If not it might be worth considering, I have used both and can thoroughly recommend the harder one, in the catalogue they are recommended for riders over 80kg and those requiring a firmer ride. I think you can get them as a spare from your dealer.


  • Bert, folding biker says:

    Those are wonderful folding bikes and I agree, no bike is a better fit for a downtown afternoon.
    They are small enough to fit under a coffee table. I live in NYC and ride mine every day, no other bike would do the job that well.

    If you are interested, please sign up for the Brommie Yummie, we EAT-RIDE- FOLD Its a great afternoon of food and Bromptons.

    Bert, folding bike nut

  • Slee says:

    @Harry – If you haven’t already checked out Warm Planet Bikes, they *do* carry Bromptons. They also carry Bike Friday, Dahon, and a few other brands, so it’s a great place to do comparison test rides.

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