Bamboosero Chosen for World Challenge

Photo © Bamboosero

Craig Calfee’s Bamboosero project has been chosen as a finalist in the BBC World News’ “World Challenge”. The World Challenge is a competition aimed at identifying the most innovative grassroots organizations and small businesses from around the world. About Calfee’s entry:

In 1995 high-end bicycle designer Craig Calfee made his first bamboo bicycle frame – and then spent 10 years improving the process to make the canes strong and durable. Calfee then began working with small workshops in the Philippines and three African countries with the aim of creating profitable small businesses. Bamboo grows fast in all these places, ensuring a ready supply of the construction material. The bikes sell locally, but entrepreneurs particularly love the idea of exporting their products to the USA, where there is a market for the increasingly high-quality and unique frames.

World Challenge

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