Daydreaming at the Grocery Store

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  • Ted says:

    Hi! I’m Ted, and I hope you’re not too busy for this!
    This is me rambling just to you, but I’ll be hapy to post elsewhere later.
    I ablolutely LOVE this blog! With busy life, job, family & 5 children, I have no time for a coffee shop, etc. This blog IS my coffee shop! The aesthetics, the calm peaceful atmosphere, (not the noisy chatter of arguements “in the background” as at bike blogs) and VERY informative friendly conversation that occurs here all make this blog such a pleasant “place” to be. That is…
    Thank You.
    O.K….Comment: “I’ve seen that portion of bike path in a number of your photos. It must be one of your favorite places. It reminds me of the East side of White Rock Lake in Dallas, TX that I miss very much! You must ride it if you’re ever in Dallas.”

  • Wim says:

    Hello. I totaly agree with Ted. This blog is always a welcome intermezzo in the daily ratrace. Wim from Belgium.

  • Alan says:


    Thanks very much! I’m glad you enjoy the blog… and thanks for visiting.

    I don’t make it to Dallas very often, but if I do, I’ll be sure to look up the trail at White Rock Lake. Thanks for the tip.


  • Alan says:


    Thanks, Wim. I’m glad you enjoy the blog!!


  • Tim D. says:

    I need to get a bag for my VO porteur rack. Swift Industries makes one tailored for my rack, but I may seek out something local. Right now I’m just strapping down my messenger bag to the rack for commuting, but a made-to-fit option would be good for commuting and touring/camping.

  • Chris Morfas says:

    Those bars look great on this Surly.

  • Alan says:

    Thanks, Chris. :-)

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