An Unexpected Respite

A Pleasant Day, A Pleasant Surprise

What a treat. The normal high for today’s date in our neck of the woods is 95F, but it only reached a mildly pleasant 80F this afternoon. It made for an unexpectedly enjoyable commute home.

12 Responses to “An Unexpected Respite”

  • Brian C says:

    I prefer our 24C, 20C tomorrow (75F, 68F tomorrow). But then, I don’t do well in hot weather…

  • Lou says:

    Over here on the East Coast, we’ve had a brief break from the heat, too–though today it’s going back up to 93. Monday morning’s commute was positively beautiful though. Enjoy it while it lasts!

  • Alan says:


    I’m with you; 72F is just about perfect for me.

  • Alan says:


    I’m glad to hear you had a little break from the heat too! We’ve been let off the hook here on the West Coast, but it sounds as if it’s been a hot one in most every other part of the country.

  • bongobike says:

    Your bike looks very nice with those bars–a lot sportier. I’ve been thinking about switching over to something similar, like the Velo Orange Milan bar. I want to lean forward a little more. I’m tired of riding almost upright because of all the pressure on my rear end on long rides and fighting the headwinds (big guy = big resistance).

  • j. pierce says:

    I’m starting to think I cut my double-leg too short; the front end of my Polyvalent would be the side up in the air if my bike was loaded like that one; necessitating some sort of anti-wheel flop intervention.

    It’s nice when the weather agrees with you. Living in New England, we don’t usually hit that high regularly, but we had a stretch of it, and makes me wonder how you warmer-climate folks deal with it. Of course, you probably all own shorts…

  • Jonathan says:

    Your LHT sure does look different with the black saddle and different bars, still very nice.

    I’m also amazed your rear wheel is still off the ground with the bag appearing full. My double legged stand doesn’t perform as well either, and I trimmed it down very slowly, playing around with different lengths. It still gets the job done.

  • Alan says:

    Without the Pass & Stow rack and Freight Baggage bag on the front to act as a counter-balance, the bike would tip back onto the rear wheel with the rear pannier loaded. As it is, it just barely tips to the front.


  • Cullen says:

    @Brian, Alan, and J.Pierce,

    To me, Autumn in Wisconsin is the best season for cycling. It’s dry and cool (but, not COLD). Where are you guys from?


  • Alan says:



  • j. pierce says:

    Vermont… Honestly, I love cycling here most of the year . ..

  • trailsnet says:

    That’s a great trail picture. What trail is that?

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