Gallery: Sheilia & Terry’s Yuba Mundo V2 Deluxe

The Yuba Mundo V2 Deluxe was a build-up by Joe Bike of Portland. The only original parts are the frame and rack. The V2 comes with a bolt on rack while the current V3 is welded to the frame. The components were selected by Joe Bike and the only things I’ve added are pedals (Welgo B-18s) and a rear cushion I made from fabric purchased locally. My wife, Sheilia, rode over once to a friend’s house which prompted me to make the cushion. This is a very versatile bike besides just being fun to ride. I’ve bungie corded plastic bins to the rack and hauled old rusted bike frames to the recycler. Brought home a filing cabinet from a garage sale and realized I need to get a two legged kickstand. I found the Fat Franks at 30-psi makes it a excellent beach crusier, but even at their maxium 60-psi they still provide a comfortable ride.

Mundo Deluxe component list:

  • frame and rack: Yuba Mundo
  • headset: Cane Creek
  • fork: Surly Big Dummy
  • front brake: Avid BB7 Mt with 203mm rotor
  • rear brake: Avid Single Digit 5
  • front derailleur: SR
  • rear derailleur: SRAM X3
  • shifters: SRAM X5 8-spd twist shift
  • seatpost: Thompson Elite
  • saddle: Brooks Champion Flyer
  • crankset: Shimano M442 square-tapered 175mm
  • rings: 44-32-22
  • pedals: Welgo B-18
  • hubs: Shimano Deore
  • rims: Sun Rims Rhyno Lite
  • tires: Schwalbe Fat Franks 26 X 2.25
  • fenders: Planet Bike Cascadia

Sheilia & Terry

8 Responses to “Gallery: Sheilia & Terry’s Yuba Mundo V2 Deluxe”

  • Logan says:

    Nice bike! I love the horizontal flag idea. I’ve been thinking of doing something similar to outline a 3′ passing margin on the bike. :) Cheers!

  • Joseph E says:

    Are the fenders a special size suitable for the 2.35 inch (60 mm) tires? Nice to see that the frame can fit such large tires. I imagine they would be helpful for extra-heavy loads, especially in the rear.

  • ontariobacon says:

    Nice bike.

    Now what is that cool rig off in the distance with the twin flags? It looks like some kind of office chair/scooter off-road combo.

  • Joe Doebele says:

    There she is! I miss her. Good to see she’s being well cared for.

  • An übermundo in the afterlife says:

    […] published this post on the life of a deluxe Yuba Mundo v2 that we built last year. It’s always nice to see one of […]

  • Jusin says:

    Nice bike. I’d like to see a photo of the drive side.

  • Elliott @ Austin on Two Wheels says:

    Fat Franks on a long tail are great. They make the ride cushy and stable. I just put a set on my Xtracycle and have been enjoying the ride immensely.

  • Terry & Sheilia says:

    @ Logan
    The horizontal flag I found at our local health food store – I’ve not seen them in any bike shop. The little pole is mounted through a spring that clamps to the seat stay. It bounces up & down while riding. It is very visible on the road. We have them on a couple of our bikes.

    @Joeseph E
    Planet Bike makes the Cascadia & Freddy Fenders both in 60mm. The SKU for the Cascadia is #7027 . The Freddy model comes in black and has a shorter mud flat. I prefer the longer mud flat.

    @ Joe Doebele
    I miss her too – I’m in Portland attending UBI and had to leave the Mundo behind – wouldn’t fit in the daughter’s car with all our stuff. I hope to find time this weekend to stop by your shop.

    Thank you everyone for your comments.
    Terry S

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