Schwalbe Manufacturing Process

Here’s an interesting video from Schwalbe on their manufacturing process.

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  • spacemodular says:

    Interesting how tires are made… I have sold and installed a lot of Schwalbe tires. I use them myself as well. I like how Schwalbe has produced Marathon tires for 630 (27″) and 590 (26 1 3/8″) ERTO wheels. They have the widest selection by far for all of the obscure crazy wheel sizes out there!

    Got a pair of Marathon Plus Tour 559 tires on the way… these are the toughest tire that I know to exist.l

  • bongobike says:

    Very interesting documentary. It’s good to learn all the complicated steps that a product goes through before it reaches the consumer. I have used the Marathon, Marathon Plus and Kojak models, plus Schwalbe tubes–definitely the highest quality bike tire products I have ever seen. I used to think Continental was good, but Schwalbe is superior. Panaracers are not far behind, though–love them too. :-)

  • Brian C says:

    I have marathon plus on most of our fleet of bikes – and recently rode across most of Cuba on bikes equiped with them (and their rough roads gave the tires a good workout – no flats in our entire group (20 plus)). Highly recommended.

    Put some Marathon Supremes on my wife’s new Soma Buena Vista. They too are living up to Schwalbe’s reputation.

  • doug in seattle. says:

    I did not realize there was so much labor-intensive work used for each tire. I especially like watching that guy assemble the various parts of the tire on the spinning barrel machine. I was also surprised that tires and tubes are packaged individually by hand.

    I won’t groan the next time I spend $100 on a pair of tires, especially Schwalbes. All that QC can’t be cheap!

  • Doug R. says:

    I have Schwalbe tires on many of my bikes and I also hate the cost, this video has cooled my jets! I too will not bitch about the costs anymore. I have gone the cheap route on my 27″ tires with the Kenda k35/36 tires $9.00 each online, and boing! flats a plenty!! We get what we pay for. ; )

  • patrick says:

    wow. That was amazing. why didn’t mr. rogers ever go to the schwalbe factory?

  • Zen says:

    I love my Schwalbe tires!

  • charles says:

    I learned something new here and will now order my Marathon Supreme’s after seeing this.

  • Michael says:

    Besides the quality that goes into Schwalbe tires (I love ‘em too) I was impressed at the working conditions for that part of the world. Clean,well lit and safe. Far from what I had expected to see. The video erased some guilt I carried about buying something made in Asia. kinda made my day to see skilled workers not being exploited. Sure they may not make what they’d make here (USA) but I’m sure they are comparatively well paid. And well trained apparently. Thanks for sharing that. And all this time I’ve been mispronouncing Schwalbe. :)

  • Mr B says:

    I found the video really interesting (I kept trying to spot a Marathon XR in there somewhere — no luck). At the same time, I couldn’t help but notice the complete absence of women, the deep voice of the narrator, the use of “sportsmen” instead of a more gender-neutral term. As a promotional piece, I was a little surprised that Schwalbe didn’t try a little harder to broaden their target audience to include women.

  • David says:

    I put some Marathon Supremes on my commuter about 750 miles ago. They ride great and no flats so far. Great tires.

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