The Platform

If you’ve never ridden an Amtrak train, this is what a typical platform looks like (click the zoom to see the panoramic image at full size). On a typical morning, the platform is jam packed with people. This pano was taken in the afternoon, just a few minutes after the train left the depot.

When on a railroad platform, always stand behind the yellow line, and hold onto your hat when the train comes in. If you have a lightweight folding bike, don’t ever leave it sitting on the edge of the platform or this might happen (ouch).

4 Responses to “The Platform”

  • Mark Rainey says:

    You shoud see the platform in Kansas City, MO! It is just plain crazy to get a bike on board in this town. There are flights of stairs to climb, a narrow catwalk style sky walk to navigate and then an elevator. Not bike friendly at all.

  • bongobike says:

    Wow, what happened to that Brompton is incredible. My daughter-in-law, inexperienced with trains, was standing too close to the edge of the platform one morning when she passed out from low blood sugar and fell on the tracks!!! She was rescued by a fellow train rider and was alright, thank God. I hope she learned a lesson about diet. You can only be so skinny. :-)

  • Tamia Nelson says:

    Good advice, Alan. Mark, some of the trolley cars in San Diego are rough, too, with narrow steep stairs with railings to negotiate when bringing a bike aboard. New cars with ramps even with the walkway are a big improvement.

    Great pano shot, Alan. Not easy to do!

  • Chris Moore says:

    That looks amazingly like my Light Rail platform in Denver. Same yellow safety flooring on the edge, same line of junk UP engines in the background! We have more furniture on the platform – but that’s it.


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