Civia Handlebars

Civia sent us some handlebars to play around with and evaluate. The list includes the Dupont 65 degree bend, the Colfax in 25 and 50 degree bends, and the Aldrich in 25 and 50 degree bends. We’ll be trying these out and reporting back on how they’re working for us over the next few months.

Civia Handlebars

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  • Saddle Up says:

    I have this weird handlebar fetish. I’ve purchased handlebars before I had the bike to mount them to. Right now I have a black FSA Metropolis handlebar waiting for just the right bike to come along. It’s taken a couple of years for me to decide that my WTB Road/Mountain Drop bar belongs on my Specialized Singlecross.

    Looking forward to your reviews, and please feel free to contribute to our little flickr group

    The silver FSA Metropolis that has found a home

  • Scott Davis says:

    I have a similar collection of handlebars, but none satisfied. I wasn’t able to dial in the rather large rise I was looking for. Raising bars up with a threadless headset is not as straight forward as with a quill stem. I gave up on trial and error, I cobbled together a completely adjustable handlebar from tubing (from Spruce Aircraft) and four stems. I have a flat bar and a raised sweep-type position. Most of the time I use the sweep but if I want to pick up the pace or just change my hand position I use the lower flat bar. It looks odd, total Frankenbar, but I get a more upright position from my exisiting frame, total adjustment of sweep, reach, height, width and multiple hand positions.

  • Don says:

    I also have a collection of handlebars. I would be interested to see a discussion about materials for same. I have an old hi-ten straight bar that just always felt right. I have an aluminum that feels squeaky even when it is silent. Then there is that beautiful Nitto waiting for the rest of the bike to catch up . . .

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