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Soma Double Cross

We’re pleased to welcome Soma Fabrications on-board as a sponsor. Soma’s a cool little company out of San Francisco producing smartly-designed, reasonably-priced, TIG-welded and lugged steel frames. They also produce a nice line of parts and accessories for the urban and utility bicyclist. We hope to have a Soma bike in-house for evaluation later this year.

Soma Fabrications

14 Responses to “Soma Fabrications”

  • alan g says:

    Love my soma smoothie es!

  • jason says:

    Soma, I want to buy one your bikes so bad but I love threaded stems and cant.

  • Tim D. says:

    I ride Soma Major Taylor bars on my fixed/singlespeed bike and love them. Very well thought out, and the heat treated Cro-mo, while heavy, is so incredibly stiff that you can pull on the bars with all your heart’s desire and it’s all power transfer.

  • Brian C says:

    Good timing, as my wife is very happily riding a Soma Buena Vista she got 2 weeks ago!

  • Larry Guevara says:

    @Brian C

    The Soma Buena Vista Mixte looks like a reasonably priced frame that has some flexibility in setup. What size is your frame, and how did you set it up?

  • jason says:

    update to my post..seems if I can wait Grant at Rivendell seems to be collaborating with Soma for a Rivendell/Soma style bike. Threaded stem and all

  • Alan says:


    That’s the frame I’m hoping to have for review when they become available later this year.


  • Buck says:

    Their cross levers were my favorite part of my last bike. Quality stuff.

  • Rex says:

    The CFO is granting me budgetary approval for a new bike this year and the Soma Saga and Double Cross are on the short list. I know any shop that can order from Merry Sales can get Soma, but, if anyone knows a shop Phoenix that would be good to go through I would be very happy to get a recommendation.

    As for threadless stems I used to reject them straight out but have since crossed over to the dark side, due largely to the well-reasoned comments from this post

  • Steven says:

    Hate to sound vain, but I was about to buy a Soma Double Cross, the one with just rear Cantis but now it’s only available in white. I was quite excited about the black.

  • j. pierce says:

    Soma Sparrows are my favorite bars. I love the urban pursuit levers, too – keeps the bars from getting too crowded, and with the sparrows lets me get another comfortable hand position over the bends in the bars.

  • Adam says:


    I’d really like to see a review of the Saga as well. There isn’t a lot on the internet about the Saga, and I think that you in particular would have valuable insights into the bike since you ride a LHT and a Hillborn.

  • sygyzy says:

    Really excited you are going to have Soma on board. I am seriously thinking about a Double Cross build for my first commuter.

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