Sac Seersucker Ride Cancelled

The Sacramento Seersucker Ride scheduled for this Sunday has been cancelled. The weather forecasters are now predicting temps in the 102F-105F range so the organizers wisely cancelled the event. Visit the Sacramento Tweed website for more information.

Sacramento Tweed

10 Responses to “Sac Seersucker Ride Cancelled”

  • Elliott @ Austin on Two Wheels says:

    Really? In Austin, we call that Tuesday.

    Seriously, if we canceled social rides every time it got above 100, we’d have 3-4 months without rides. Sounds like they needed to schedule a water hole swimmin’ stop for this ride and everything would be fine.

  • Alan says:


    We’re not acclimated to it here. People can get pretty sick in that kind of weather if they’re not acclimated to it, and this will be the first weekend we’ve had all year with those kinds of temps. It was a wise choice by the ride organizers IMO.


  • Elliott @ Austin on Two Wheels says:

    I understand. I’m just busting your chops. Last summer we had something like 40 days in a row over 100 degrees. It didn’t stop our Thursday Night Social Ride which grew to average about 200-300 people/week during that time. A mid-ride dip in Barton Springs became the highlight of those rides.

    On the other hand, the fact that social rides are lightly attended here when it’s in the 40s and clear probably will cause some readers from elsewhere to snort.

  • Willis says:

    Here in Richmond not only was it 102 yesterday but also near 100% humidity. I could literally see the air when I was swimming through it on my ride to work. That being said, I wouldn’t want to be in that kind of heat in seersucker or tweed. I find that night riding is really the best/only option in the summer but unfortunately now that I have two children I hardly get to do so ever. I agree with Elliot though, we always headed to the train trestles that straddle the James River on hot nights. The rope swing there is awesome and at 2am when bars let out it’s the place to be. Again, by this time I’m asleep now with two mouth breathers dirtying up their diapers for me to wake up to in the AM but I still dream of late night swims and rides and the night rides make for good testing grounds for my lighting.

  • John Boyer says:

    How about an “Arabian Nights” ride? Or perhaps a Toga ride? Huh?

  • Rick says:

    @ Elliott: There were a number of factors involved with my canceling the ride; first, we’ve had a strange spring, temperature-wise, and it’s been in the low eighties for some time now–and to ask people make a twenty-degree swing in one day would be hard on the body, and especially so if you’re doing any physical activity. Secondly, this is not, nor will ever be, a ride with the mentality of, “push on regardless”, because we have riders from 80 years to 8 months, and their well belling is of utmost importance to me, not just the riders who are strong enough to brag to their friends they survived under Bataan Death March conditions… it’s just not our style.

    For me, the strong should always care for the weak on bike rides: that’s why, in our group, no one is ever dropped, the pace is reasonable for everyone, and the elderly and children are looked after–and especially so in the case of potential environmental injuries.

  • Michael (Mrs. EcoVelo) says:

    I think John is on to something there! :D
    Our summer evenings are THE BEST!

  • Nico says:

    I love this line: “Really? In Austin, we call that Tuesday.” Couldn’t stop laughing over that one.

    As much as we get some serious heat out here, we do not have it that bad. Are we CA heat weenies? In as much as we don’t have to deal with much humidity and our nights often cool down comfortably with a late afternoon (delta) breeze. Having been raised on the East Coast, where nights often stay steamy and sticky, it might not be perfect but we have it pretty darn good.

    Here’s a thought, how about an afternoon ride. Call it the “High Tea Ride” that could continue into the evening. Sounds pretty civilized to me…

  • randomray says:

    Sounds like a wise decision . But having said that as I was telling someone today ” If you wait for perfect weather for cycling you’re never going to ride your bicycle .”

  • Don Bybee says:

    My vote is for the full moon ride in the summer. Start very late in the afternoon, stop for a light diner, and then ride into the night. Kris and I went to Pops in the Park last evening and by about 7 pm the heat broke and it became quite pleasant. The ride home after 9 pm, with the full moon rising was very nice.

    Sacramento, Ca

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